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Appoint the phone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream appoint the phone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

phone 41
Meaning of the dream: a little happy news overshadow the joy of the moment, but then everything will

appoint a witness 40
Description: change of luck

coin phone 48
Interpretation of the dream: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

appoint a guardian 53
Translation: missed opportunity

answer the phone 59
Dream description: tough business

talk by phone 54
Meaning: confusion of ideas

subscribe to phone 33
Translation of the dream: pride and pride

Cordless Phone 89
Interpretation: Earnings unstable

phone recharge 78
Sense of the dream: projects to be concluded

hear the phone ring 8
What does it mean: projects to be concluded

phone bill 18
Meaning of the dream: business that are successful

main phone 64
Description: need saving

appoint a commission 1
Interpretation of the dream: support from relatives

to call on the phone 87
Translation: new calls to accept

appoint investigator 65
Dream description: reconciliation with an enemy

phone ringtone 72
Meaning: lack of affection

cell phone 44
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

change phone number 43
Interpretation: someone annoys you

telephone wire 29
Sense of the dream: need for prudence in action

consult a phone book 50
What does it mean: your fate is improving in this period

phone tapping 55
Meaning of the dream: someone is making fun

telephone charges 25
Description: good prospects

designate a substitute 66
Interpretation of the dream: sudden sympathy

phone book 56
Translation: hasty conclusions

phone box 27
Dream description: surprises in the work

designate a successor 27
Meaning: threads for interest

telephone 29
Translation of the dream: passion paid

Phone call 38
Interpretation: surprises with money

handset (musical instrument) 52
Sense of the dream: happiness

designate 41
What does it mean: threads for interest

telephone company 6
Meaning of the dream: incoming letters

appointment of defiance 60
Description: misunderstanding clarified

amorous appointment 14
Interpretation of the dream: needed a good deed

designate an heir 44
Translation: small loss

designate a prize 24
Dream description: fruitful initiatives

business appointment 82
Meaning: waste of time

assign the annuity 4
Translation of the dream: errors for lightness

telephone system 32
Interpretation: severe loss

call the mother 25
Sense of the dream: problems to be solved

confirm an appointment 21
What does it mean: clumsiness

to recruit 14
Meaning of the dream: fortune

name Adam 88
Description: heavy duty

appointment 90
Interpretation of the dream: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

conscription 43
Translation: irritating situations

assignment beneficial 33
Dream description: resumption of business

honorable assignment 67
Meaning: Slow progress

assignment grave 53
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and joy

get an appointment 58
Interpretation: happy news

rammagliare 11
Sense of the dream: casual attitudes

schedule an appointment 16
What does it mean: suitable for greater consistency

forget an appointment 29
Meaning of the dream: inner balance

be set 17
Description: honors and offices in the dreamer

postpone an appointment 54
Interpretation of the dream: sudden departure

assign an income 62
Translation: coincidences

miss the appointment 33
Dream description: easy disappointments

revoke an appointment 86
Meaning: impressionability

delay to an appointment 38
Translation of the dream: initiative