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Apartment others. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream apartment others. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

anteroom apartment 7
Meaning of the dream: provocations by enemies

occupy apartment 36
Description: successful combination

hiding in the apartment 19
Interpretation of the dream: opposition in family

rent apartment 6
Translation: pains passengers

sell an apartment 9
Dream description: lost confidence

buy an apartment 18
Meaning: secret pain

apartment in the attic 56
Translation of the dream: Luckily the game

large apartment 21
Interpretation: discord in the family

small apartment 15
Sense of the dream: next pleasures

apartment nice 3
What does it mean: loss of a friend

apartment bad 7
Meaning of the dream: successful economic projects

empty apartment 18
Description: need for great caution

furnished apartment 23
Interpretation of the dream: backbiting family

dirty apartment 43
Translation: favorable changes

damaging an apartment 77
Dream description: bitterness and sorrow

visit an apartment 84
Meaning: secret desires

furnish an apartment 5

apartment village 53

noble apartment 80

whiten apartment 67

apartment on the ground floor 3
Meaning of the dream: business go wrong

barking that bothers 54
Description: loss of protection

squabble of brothers 4
Interpretation of the dream: good health

accumulate for others 84
Translation: ingratitude

see acne on the face of others 42
Dream description: protection

lodge brothers 73
Meaning: reconciliation with an enemy

alter with the brothers-in-law 36
Translation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

love the brothers 3
Interpretation: prudence with employees

kill a brother 88
Sense of the dream: susceptibility excessive

kill the mother 19
What does it mean: malice of neighbors

furnish the house of others 87
Meaning of the dream: ingenuity at work

motherly love 72
Description: lack of courage

brotherly love 51
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue hidden

go with her mother 55
Translation: misunderstandings in dealing with business

go with a brother 35
Dream description: self confidence

rely on others 44
Meaning: abandonment by a friend

mother arrested 26
Translation of the dream: neglect of friends

brother arrested 60
Interpretation: stop in business

kissing mother 52
Sense of the dream: sudden entry of money

kiss a brother 80
What does it mean: thwarted love

quarrel between brothers 26
Meaning of the dream: bad consequence of a bad action

motherly blessing 58
Description: understanding towards others

mother of pearl button 90
Interpretation of the dream: cracks and separations

see use a lighter from other 62
Translation: money coming

access if you help others 69
Dream description: fulfillment of desires

Apricot other similar fruits 25
Meaning: healthcare, pleasure contentment

do other embassy 67
Translation of the dream: hard work

Armenians or any other Asian people 35
Interpretation: discovery of a secret

be dried by others 76
Sense of the dream: disease

barn together with other birds 28
What does it mean: loss of wealth

see fodder held by other 23
Meaning of the dream: domestic enemy

see others play pool 75
Description: pleasures

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Interpretation of the dream: Peace of mind

absolve others 40
Translation: Your judgments are weighted

slander a brother 2
Dream description: loss of security

coat brother 75
Meaning: prosperity conquered

hood of brotherhood 78
Translation of the dream: mysterious happenings

caress the mother 12
Interpretation: gains with work

caress brother 60
Sense of the dream: postponement of projects

call the mother 25
What does it mean: problems to be solved

see scar on other 54
Meaning of the dream: painful memories

belt by Brother 40
Description: lengthy negotiations

condescension toward the mother 17
Interpretation of the dream: nature patient

condescension towards our brothers 46
Translation: obstinacy and stubbornness

confide in her mother 88
Dream description: righteousness and loyalty