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Anti misfortune. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream anti misfortune. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

misfortune 17
Meaning of the dream: Fears passengers

killing by misfortune 14
Description: happiness contrasted

companion in misfortune 64
Interpretation of the dream: honest work

misfortune deadly 36
Translation: unexpected proposal

misfortune at work 25
Dream description: to avoid disputes

avoid misfortune 17
Meaning: discouragement to overcome

17 - Smorfia classic: misfortune 17

lover of antiquity 82
Interpretation: trust in friends

antique furniture 53
Sense of the dream: news from afar

antique dealer 6
What does it mean: danger trips

antique shop 6
Meaning of the dream: danger trips

antiques dealer who sells 70
Description: unjustified animosity

antiquarian who buys 32
Interpretation of the dream: decrease of vitality

antiquarian that adjusts 76
Translation: demonstrations of loyalty to friends

antique dealer who cheats 55
Dream description: speculations wrong economic

be an antique dealer 45
Meaning: successful pleasant

panting for a run 33
Translation of the dream: everything will be fine

antiquities 63
Interpretation: everything will be for the better

antique fireplace 86
Sense of the dream: artificial attitudes

antique cameo 41
What does it mean: avoid risky decisions

antique candlestick 81
Meaning of the dream: doubts and uncertainties

antique dresser 15
Description: indifference and apathy

planting cabbage 42
Interpretation of the dream: increase in revenue

planting onion 14
Translation: dangerous hazards

planting cypresses 19
Dream description: imprudence dangerous

granting grace 68
Meaning: lofty ideals

heard chanting 87
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

antique rifle 53
Interpretation: stormy life

see lights in quantity 88
Sense of the dream: gain

exhibition of antiquities 2
What does it mean: important protections

museum of antiquity 15
Meaning of the dream: discouragement and depression

put your panties 81
Description: conduct changeable and inconstant

planting olive trees 42
Interpretation of the dream: positive solution of a deal

antique earrings 58
Translation: difficulties to be overcome

antique organ 10
Dream description: new hope

antique clock 55
Meaning: need for economies

planting vegetables 74
Translation of the dream: great dignity

gardener planting vegetables 29
Interpretation: agreement in family

planting fruit trees 51
Sense of the dream: good work

planting flowers 47
What does it mean: love happy

planting potatoes 29
Meaning of the dream: serenity

planting salad 89
Description: physical discomfort

planting chickpeas 81
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

antique dishes 42
Translation: good relations with the elderly

pills antineuralgic 16
Dream description: disappointing experience

planting peas 61
Meaning: hopes achievable

monsters misfortunes 62
Translation of the dream: and dangers chief

quantity 28
Interpretation: gain

quarantine 30
Sense of the dream: stop in the activity

put in quarantine 14
What does it mean: stop in the activity

be quarantined 68
Meaning of the dream: quarrels and ruptures

do quarantine 20
Description: great melancholy

tell misfortunes 61
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous conclusion of a deal

romantic relationships 38
Translation: new sympathies

antique desk 47
Dream description: fluke

planting celery 18
Meaning: family discussions

antique print 40
Translation of the dream: willingness swinging

antique furnishings 6
Interpretation: major purchases

transatlantic 88
Sense of the dream: bewilderment

transatlantic trip 70
What does it mean: incompatibility of character

transatlantic going to peak 19
Meaning of the dream: severe loss

transatlantic quarantined 44
Description: health concern

transatlantic passengers 33
Interpretation of the dream: disharmony in the family

transatlantic sailors 46
Translation: impulsive reactions

launch of a transatlantic 16
Dream description: experience advantageous

antique vase 46
Meaning: quiet family life

antibiotics 12

anticipate the rent 62

anticipate salary 5

anticipation 73

Antichrist 90

antidote 64

antipathy between women 67

antipathy among relatives 24

antipathy between men 6

antithesis 79

romantic song 61

antique harpsichord 10

collection of antiquities 7

antique sofa 86

antique fair 7

wheat planting 54

infanticide 33

infanticide unpunished 62

infanticide involuntary 48

infanticide punished 38

infanticide discovered 11