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Anti misfortune. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream anti misfortune. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drug test 40
Meaning of the dream: concerns something happened in the past

avoid misfortune 17
Description: discouragement to overcome

misfortune 17
Interpretation of the dream: Fears passengers

misfortune deadly 36
Translation: unexpected proposal

killing by misfortune 14
Dream description: happiness contrasted

misfortune at work 25
Meaning: to avoid disputes

companion in misfortune 64
Translation of the dream: honest work

17 - Smorfia classic: misfortune 17

antiCatholic 70
Sense of the dream: financial problems to be solved

antipolitical 47
What does it mean: next trip

driving against traffic 15
Meaning of the dream: next discomforts

fight against a difficulty 52
Description: loss of property

fighting insurgents 11
Interpretation of the dream: malicious gossip

pest control 26
Translation: would you get rid of something unpleasant

insure against bad weather 12
Dream description: forebodings

eunuch omen of bad luck 89
Meaning: danger

versus 47
Translation of the dream: change activity

tell misfortunes 61
Interpretation: advantageous conclusion of a deal

walking against the wind 24
Sense of the dream: excessive susceptibility

vote against 75
What does it mean: change activity

up against a tree 89
Meaning of the dream: sudden love

up against a wall 18
Description: solution of a problem

up against a pole 29
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity of neighbors

insurance against fire 42
Translation: difficult days

fight against the beasts 29
Dream description: suffering and infirmity

guard against theft 81
Meaning: loss of a friendship

testify against someone 32
Translation of the dream: anguish of love

swim against the tide 32
Interpretation: emotional instability

rowing against the wind 50
Sense of the dream: restlessness and discontent

rowing against the tide 12
What does it mean: ideas to be accepted

conspire against friends 59
Meaning of the dream: good intentions

up against a piece of furniture 3
Description: missed opportunity

Antimafia commission 25
Interpretation of the dream: do not be distracted by issues of little consequence

insurance against theft 40
Translation: happy discovery

sin against the next 36
Dream description: ferment of ideas

advise against the father 4
Meaning: supports interested

conspiracy against the state 4
Translation of the dream: novelty for the job

unclogging sinks 87
Interpretation: unfounded fears

leaning against evil 21
Sense of the dream: few scruples

insurance against accidents 64
What does it mean: support from friends

conspire against the state 64
Meaning of the dream: unexpected aid

go against the wind 13
Description: small daily difficulties

rheumatism against themselves 12
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

make sure against fires 84
Translation: faithfulness in love

bad luck to the game 14
Dream description: gain, win

nourish hatred against someone 15
Meaning: good friendships

rise up against any injustice 11
Translation of the dream: you can help a deserving person

anger against people known 63
Interpretation: success in your projects

use musket (weapon) against someone 66
Sense of the dream: bad hope

countering an opinion 49
What does it mean: conduct fickle