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Ankle bandaged. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ankle bandaged. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spraining an ankle 13
Meaning of the dream: successfully thwarted

sprained ankle 69
Description: sad period

bandaged elbow 23
Interpretation of the dream: suffering durable

bandaged leg 37
Translation: morbid jealousy

ankle boot 80
Dream description: You have a nice personality

head bandaged 21
Meaning: troublesome people coming

knee bandaged 78
Translation of the dream: haughtiness

bandaged hands 26
Interpretation: uncertainty and indecision

bandaged forehead 77
Sense of the dream: lack of understanding

bandage 10
What does it mean: bad period

see beautiful ankles 77
Meaning of the dream: useful meetings

heel hurt 88
Description: ready for the unexpected event that promise benefits

bandage to his forehead 66
Interpretation of the dream: decisive action and practice

see ugly and deformed ankles 22
Translation: futile trip

see a bandage stained with blood 13
Dream description: payout within a short time

power strip 87
Meaning: you will have excellent job opportunities

eye patch 43
Translation of the dream: unexpected news

crowding of men 33
Interpretation: fulfillment of desires

crowding of nuns 30
Sense of the dream: displeasure by a relative

crowding of sports 49
What does it mean: waste of money

heel 77
Meaning of the dream: you still have to work hard to get what you want for a long time

strip of skin 32
Description: talk to Avoid

strip of paper 8
Interpretation of the dream: injustice

sick with bandages 58
Translation: support effective

heel strikes 14
Dream description: dangers

heel of the shoe 3
Meaning: quarrel

rusty bayonet 76
Translation of the dream: hard times

rusty hinge 51
Interpretation: laziness and melancholy

rusty lock 65
Sense of the dream: friendship interested

knife rusty 31
What does it mean: loss, numerous setbacks caused by envious

rusty nail 30
Meaning of the dream: careful with money

rusty spade 79
Description: unexpected betrayal

medicate with bandages 78
Interpretation of the dream: disgraceful service

August rusty 36
Translation: sorrows passengers

rusty iron 14
Dream description: energy physics

rusty chisel 44
Meaning: physical weakness

rusty saber 71
Translation of the dream: jealousy and contrasts in love

spit rusty 20
Interpretation: accommodating nature

strip 67
Sense of the dream: theft

hurt the body 24
What does it mean: unfastened, too diffident

bandaging wounds 9
Meaning of the dream: secret ties

wooden splint 15
Description: excessive scruples

remove bandage 22
Interpretation of the dream: physical weakness

splint bone 85
Translation: magnanimity and intelligence

splint fan 42
Dream description: sensitivity

Saints splint 2
Meaning: a special message was given to you from the spiritual realm

strip the bed 6
Translation of the dream: intruders

blindfolded 8
Interpretation: love story

marble slab 7
Sense of the dream: generosity rewarded

strip a woman 28
What does it mean: unscrupulousness

leather strip 61
Meaning of the dream: bitterness

strip of cloth 43
Description: irascibility from curb

bandage fortune 90
Interpretation of the dream: changes favorites