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Animals shrunk. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream animals shrunk. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

animals drowned 22
Meaning of the dream: false friendships

herbivorous animals 72
Description: live in good health

slaughtered animals 10
Interpretation of the dream: problems at work

dislike animals 23
Translation: sadness and melancholy

owning animals 16
Dream description: momentary loss

scaring animals 8
Meaning: inner restlessness

malnourished animals 59
Translation of the dream: times of distress

painting animals 71
Interpretation: strength and health

strike animals 34
Sense of the dream: failure of projects

pure-bred animals 52
What does it mean: satisfactions from family

Dead animals 89
Meaning of the dream: precision work

blind animals 74
Description: extra gain

domesticate various animals 3
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected gain

donate animals 16
Translation: good and lasting solutions

select animals 9
Dream description: friendship dangerous

cross animals 74
Meaning: revenge and satisfaction

drowning animals 19
Translation of the dream: extravagant actions

kissing animals 75
Interpretation: illusions to forget

burning animals 24
Sense of the dream: lack of organization

control animals 90
What does it mean: small woes

draw animals 3
Meaning of the dream: good health

requisitioning animals 71
Description: unbridled ambition

dissect animals 86
Interpretation of the dream: life unsafe

hugs animals 18
Translation: obstinacy

pair animals 28
Dream description: new commitments

poisoning animals 82
Meaning: happy omen only for the rich

count animals 48
Translation of the dream: rapid conquest

beat animals 26
Interpretation: violent passion

breastfeed animals 42
Sense of the dream: energy direct harm

embark animals 59
What does it mean: sacrifices rewarded

sling animals 27
Meaning of the dream: manic depression

see animals grazing 60
Description: fortune

appease animals 52
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous distraction

ensure animals 41
Translation: unrealizable desires

crouch animals 50
Dream description: originality

mark animals 23
Meaning: triumph of envious people

tie animals 6
Translation of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

rent animals 39
Interpretation: jealousy declared

animals being chased 2
Sense of the dream: insults by enemies

buy animals 44
What does it mean: Fortunately some

tormenting animals 20
Meaning of the dream: bad luck and losses

breed animals 20
Description: desire to accumulate

love animals 32
Interpretation of the dream: ill health

seize animals 42
Translation: hard work

washing up animals 17
Dream description: fatigue resistance

Various water animals 41
Meaning: progress with work

punish animals 76
Translation of the dream: favors granted

kidnap animals 6
Interpretation: hopes dashed

bury animals 58
Sense of the dream: toward a goal

incite animals 28
What does it mean: imminent danger

defend animals 41
Meaning of the dream: even temperament

medicate animals 4
Description: discord with friends

cut up animals 5
Interpretation of the dream: unannounced visits

match animals 68
Translation: winnings

harnessing animals 73
Dream description: business ranging in port

mistreat animals 25
Meaning: resolutions weak

shoot animals 46
Translation of the dream: depression and discontent