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Animal in the chamber pot. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream animal in the chamber pot. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

urinate in the chamber pot 67
Meaning of the dream: open struggle

Animal footprint 24
Description: ambition fulfilled

sick animal 32
Interpretation of the dream: unlucky in love

animal with children 38
Translation: exaggerated optimism

Animal neglect 52
Dream description: you could avoid the grief

Animal Female 23
Meaning: bad news

monstrous animal 87
Translation of the dream: thwarted love

force an animal 37
Interpretation: secret reports

animal 22
Sense of the dream: need love

Animal skull 33
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

animal tit 5
Meaning of the dream: good business

nocturnal animal 26
Description: concerns passing

animal that escapes 24
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

Heat an animal 45
Translation: finances increasing

animal meek 54
Dream description: small losses

beat an animal 71
Meaning: malignant insinuations

purge an animal 71
Translation of the dream: unexpected gain

Animal sinking 80
Interpretation: business to be put in the hands of human law

a toothless animal 53
Sense of the dream: nervousness

strangle an animal 69
What does it mean: lack of organization

animal that eats 36
Meaning of the dream: need to cling to someone

Animal groan 78
Description: lucky business

animal that flies 45
Interpretation of the dream: ailments passengers

Standing Animal 39
Translation: unexpected change

animal drinking 86
Dream description: decrease of vitality

Animal fetus 69
Meaning: uncertain change

mammal animal 12
Translation of the dream: You will defend someone in your family

Animal nature 40
Interpretation: harmful relationships

Animal language 28
Sense of the dream: discomfort and discontent

skunk (animal) 66
What does it mean: You will enrich soon

Animal step 3
Meaning of the dream: concerns work

animal charcoal 2
Description: intrigues

animal that mates 1
Interpretation of the dream: demonstration of loyalty in the work

rare animal 56
Translation: projects of union

immunize an animal 32
Dream description: happy opportunity

Animal birth 60
Meaning: personal affirmation

take an animal 76
Translation of the dream: Danger averted

Animal football 58
Interpretation: stubbornness dangerous

drown an animal 34
Sense of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

call an animal 67
What does it mean: marital disagreements

animal blood 32
Meaning of the dream: lightening of weights

a drowned animal 68
Description: constancy in action

wild animal 66
Interpretation of the dream: passion accentuated

barked Animal 90
Translation: achieving a goal

train an animal 16
Dream description: protection of young people

lighten an animal 15
Meaning: wise intentions

injure an animal 69
Translation of the dream: concerns and serious problems

suffocate an animal 30
Interpretation: proposals baffling

ferocious animal skull 51
Sense of the dream: difficult situations

see a ram (animal) 58
What does it mean: unexpected help

sacrificing an animal 16
Meaning of the dream: slight opposition

caged animal 69
Description: small gain

capture an animal 14
Interpretation of the dream: ideals collapsing

fourth animal 46
Translation: lack of self-confidence

kill an animal 83
Dream description: malignant insinuations