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Angry at the table. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream angry at the table. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

get angry 56
Meaning of the dream: tranquility of mind

be angry 64
Description: great care

away angry 25

angry with himself 5

angry for others 56

to get angry about relatives 82
Meaning: disappointments from a friend

angry lovers 51
Translation of the dream: next fortune

angry with friends 80
Interpretation: pains passengers

angry with relatives 74
Sense of the dream: discord in the work

angry with parents 6
What does it mean: Next satisfaction

angry with children 24
Meaning of the dream: discord with friends

lover angry 22
Description: opposition at home

Friend angry 10
Interpretation of the dream: speculation guess

angry bison 8
Translation: inhibitions and complexes

ox angry 6
Dream description: unwillingness

angry dog 49
Meaning: nervousness and impulsiveness

angry devil 81
Translation of the dream: treachery and betrayal

angry bear 35
Interpretation: Late remedies

panther angry 35
Sense of the dream: discouraging results

angry rhino 90
What does it mean: imperious necessity

angry tiger 51
Meaning of the dream: lack of support

angry bull 56
Description: agreements that are successful

angry animal 90

angry jealous 81

angry lion 80

get angry with clients 3

angry with mother 33

angry with partners 43

angry about sorrows 34

angry about pain 34

angry hunger 56

angry jealousy 40

angry envy 22

angry business 21

angry for fear 90

goat angry 88

angry expression 88

burr angry dog 76

meet angry or dangerous animal 37
Sense of the dream: family fights for interest

table 86
What does it mean: emotionally vulnerable

table lighter 14
Meaning of the dream: easy money

set up a table 9
Description: to overcome adversity

stretch a table 46
Interpretation of the dream: understanding between friends

leave the table 76
Translation: fascination

lay the table 23
Dream description: consolation or happy outcome

lean on the table 41
Meaning: greed punished

table linen 10
Translation of the dream: good faith betrayed

table drawer 53
Interpretation: important relationships

cobbler at the table 79
Sense of the dream: momentary embarrassment

table knife 67
What does it mean: new achievements

bedside table 3
Meaning of the dream: disturbing thoughts

declaim at the table 87
Description: superficiality and lightness

unadorned table 42
Interpretation of the dream: slow progress in labor

fruit on the table 32
Translation: great imagination

soup on the table 83
Dream description: invitation welcome

adorn a table 86
Meaning: imaginative projects

table clock 88
Translation of the dream: nice outing

prepare the table 40
Interpretation: realization pleased

mustard above the table 82
Sense of the dream: bickering and dispute

table briar 71
What does it mean: discord with relatives

curl up under the table 15
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

forefront of a table 40
Description: lively discussions

dodge a table 68
Interpretation of the dream: displays of affection

sit on the table 28
Translation: novelties from afar

sit at the table 27
Dream description: vitality and health

serve at the table 56
Meaning: calmness in decisions

break through a table 24
Translation of the dream: chatter dangerous

remove a table 18
Interpretation: disturbance of short duration

splitting a table 19
Sense of the dream: uncertain job

table dishes 65
What does it mean: rebellion useless

table service 29
Meaning of the dream: a servant deceives you

carpet on the table 26
Description: problems for children

Set table 44
Interpretation of the dream: excellent prospects

square table 40
Translation: interesting relationships

rectangular table 49
Dream description: new sensations

Extending table 51
Meaning: misunderstandings

marble table 20
Translation of the dream: adventures difficult

kitchen table 11
Interpretation: momentum in the activity

table with flowers 48
Sense of the dream: final selection