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Ancient coin hole. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ancient coin hole. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ancient coin 67
Meaning of the dream: proposals baffling

coin 58
Description: concerns

see coin 27
Interpretation of the dream: projects lenses work

coin collection 26
Translation: unstable situation

coin phone 48
Dream description: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

fake coin 24
Meaning: illusions destined to fall

silver coin 74
Translation of the dream: brilliant fortune

gold coin 38
Interpretation: poverty, misery dreadful

see gold coin 25
Sense of the dream: pain

rare coin 2
What does it mean: longing for love

franc (coin) 69
Meaning of the dream: You want to design something important

small coin 65
Description: insults and attempts at deception

copper in coin 6
Interpretation of the dream: slowly reach the goal

reverse of coin 47
Translation: malignant insinuations

bronze coin 66
Dream description: good understanding in family

French coin 80
Meaning: animosity useless

lost coin 60
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

coin found 33
Interpretation: successful combination

It remains coin 52
Sense of the dream: your riches are set to increase

hole 40
What does it mean: misfortune, bad luck

little hole 47
Meaning of the dream: prosperous business

pure gold coin 22
Description: you ll be rewarded handsomely

flip side of the coin 39
Interpretation of the dream: strange friendships

make a hole 4
Translation: you are close to a legacy

fall into a hole 15
Dream description: disease

put in the hole 6
Meaning: small problems to solve

dig a hole 55
Translation of the dream: debts to pay

prompter in the hole 83
Interpretation: mental laziness

plug a hole 4
Sense of the dream: emotional arousal

hole dead 45
What does it mean: trip likely

hole shrimp 36
Meaning of the dream: Discussions with an elderly person

hole of crabs 61
Description: family disgrace

fox hole 39
Interpretation of the dream: loss of security

hole of the court 55
Translation: disturbing thoughts

donut with a hole 78
Dream description: profitable activities

watering hole with oxen 54
Meaning: next aid

watering hole with horses 68
Translation of the dream: interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
Interpretation: deception of friends

red shrimp take the hole 42
Sense of the dream: wrong operation

watering hole with animals 81
What does it mean: something in your life does not go as you wanted

watering hole with women 17
Meaning of the dream: desire to escape

watering hole with pigeons 6
Description: mistrust and pessimism

watering hole with birds 33
Interpretation of the dream: momentary difficulties

watering hole with men 56
Translation: nice meeting