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An obelisk alabaster. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream an obelisk alabaster. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

an obelisk alabaster 65
Meaning of the dream: versatility in studies

obelisk downed 16
Description: unforeseen expenses

Egyptian obelisk 3
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant trip

an ashtray alabaster 89
Translation: wrath

an egg alabaster 32
Dream description: intolerance towards youth

obelisk 76
Meaning: versatility in studies

obelisk with hieroglyphs 5
Translation of the dream: difficult relationships

stone obelisk 52
Interpretation: desire for novelty

white alabaster 45
Sense of the dream: victories

alabaster inkwell 21

marble obelisk 19
Meaning of the dream: maturation of projects

alabaster 24
Description: very good omen

column of alabaster 8
Interpretation of the dream: dubious fortune

alabaster button 17

a window of alabaster 9
Dream description: love of power

a table top of alabaster 27
Meaning: danger of falling

fall off the wagon 10

unhinge 52
Interpretation: betrayal of a friend

machined brass 10
Sense of the dream: satisfactions of love

headlight off 58

snot off 69

spout off 39

light off 73

heater off 80
Translation: discovery of a secret

fire come out 12

looks nice 10
Meaning: late news

come out of 90
Translation of the dream: insincerity, treachery of a friend

wooden candlestick 42
Interpretation: challenging decisions

crown wool 26

taper off 77
What does it mean: thoughtless action

look like someone 3
Meaning of the dream: others influence you too

carve ivory 19
Description: businesses difficult

dividing the profit 44
Interpretation of the dream: excessive generosity

crime of passion 55
Translation: lack of serenity

go out of business 8
Dream description: contrariness

out of the reeds 44
Meaning: shyness and diffidence

take a foot off 24
Translation of the dream: unexpected obstacles

out of the office 69
Interpretation: obstinate

ladle aluminum 60
Sense of the dream: conciliatory spirit

away from the game 18
What does it mean: instability of mood

glass shelf 18
Meaning of the dream: miscalculations

shelf of closet 78
Description: letters traveling

out of the closet 31
Interpretation of the dream: serene family life

sweat of fear 63
Translation: deceptive appearances

out of practice 77

brass candlestick 86
Meaning: prudence with superiors

cotton yarn 5
Translation of the dream: happy intuition

tealight off 90

brass candlesticks 67
Sense of the dream: pleasant illusions

wooden mortar 16

leather briefcase 3
Meaning of the dream: nervousness and bad mood

out of the window 32
Description: bad speculations

out of the maze 17
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty and hesitation

leather wallets 50
Translation: afterthought

scroll of parchment 35
Dream description: bitterness secret

leather notebook 68
Meaning: gratitude and successes

wooden partition 17
Translation of the dream: emotional spirit

get off the train 44
Interpretation: momentary crisis

waver for fear 22
Sense of the dream: overcome difficulties

get off the wagon 66
What does it mean: interests to care

freshly ground pepper 30
Meaning of the dream: gaiety and health

get out of the way 18
Description: difficult experiences

hair braid 1
Interpretation of the dream: enticing illusions

braid of garlic 9
Translation: unpleasant disputes