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Advice from father to daughter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream advice from father to daughter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sick daughter 26
Meaning of the dream: hard experiences

abandon his daughter 35
Description: dangerous business

have daughter 77
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

good daughter 82
Translation: big events

daughter 10
Dream description: economic concerns

advice of friends 46
Meaning: intransigence in love

marry a daughter 12
Translation of the dream: happiness

friendly advice 51
Interpretation: trouble with employees

pray to the Father 33
Sense of the dream: request for help to problem

loving daughter 22
What does it mean: bright future

pregnant daughter 60
Meaning of the dream: decisive help

daughter invested 16
Description: fears and concerns

dead daughter 33
Interpretation of the dream: obscure maneuvers to discover

daughter love 23
Translation: rapidity of decision

advice of an attorney 80
Dream description: emotional states to control

disobedient daughter 4
Meaning: ups and downs

daughter married 3
Translation of the dream: measures to be taken

legitimate daughter 12
Interpretation: important secrets

inherit from his father 22
Sense of the dream: infidelity to a friend

follow advice 59
What does it mean: deep feelings

advise against the father 4
Meaning of the dream: supports interested

Opinion of father 60
Description: impulses of the heart to follow

arrival of the father 46
Interpretation of the dream: that problem is solved

fatherly advice 90
Translation: bad omen

give advice 31
Dream description: needs action

consent of the father 62
Meaning: abrupt change

embrace the father 38
Translation of the dream: intentions essays

replace the father 8
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

beg the father 19
Sense of the dream: secret aspirations

abandoned by his father 23
What does it mean: willingness tenacious

report to the father 68
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

kill the father 13
Description: sacrifices for the elderly

search for the father 50
Interpretation of the dream: fortitude

defend the father 90
Translation: ties happy

avert the father 6
Dream description: timidity and indecision

caring for his father 11
Meaning: diligence in work

avenge his father 21
Translation of the dream: lack of understanding

caress his father 24
Interpretation: new energy

obey the father 90
Sense of the dream: serious feelings and paid

discolor clothing father 29
What does it mean: You want to deal with economic problems

revile his father 60
Meaning of the dream: painful surprise

maternal advice 40
Description: upcoming wedding

rebuke of his father 6
Interpretation of the dream: favorable circumstances

currying his father 67
Translation: unwelcome surprises

Contact your father 31
Dream description: decisions to make

bring a word of advice 90
Meaning: high hopes

bump in the father 31
Translation of the dream: great sensitivity

portrait of father 9
Interpretation: physical activity

recollect some advice 74
Sense of the dream: requests of relatives

see the father in heaven 62
What does it mean: inner balance

give birth to a daughter 66
Meaning of the dream: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

call the father 54
Description: positions of responsibility

go with his father 90
Interpretation of the dream: Fears passengers

resemble the father 68
Translation: large caps

neglecting father 24
Dream description: risky business