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Advantageous marriage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream advantageous marriage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

poor marriage 4
Meaning of the dream: elegance in all your activities

marriage dissolved 82
Description: voluptuousness

marriage nuanced 82
Interpretation of the dream: ticklish situation

contract a marriage 80
Translation: overcome obstacles

religious marriage 59
Dream description: inner satisfaction

clandestine marriage 38
Meaning: mourning

prohibit a marriage 73
Translation of the dream: anxiety

marriage 28
Interpretation: happy time

marriage in extremis 31
Sense of the dream: instability of relationships

marriage of old 78
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

solemn marriage 87
Meaning of the dream: fears and jealousy

delaying marriage 39
Description: reflection and prudence

marriage thwarted 26
Interpretation of the dream: need for a program decided

postpone marriage 64
Translation: fear of failure

unhappy marriage 39
Dream description: thirst for profit

marriage consent 9
Meaning: new love

disapprove of a marriage 54
Translation of the dream: steadfastness of purpose

prevent a marriage 17
Interpretation: right orientation

consummate the marriage 63
Sense of the dream: inner satisfaction

ratify a marriage 36
What does it mean: sudden obstacle

faith marriage 42
Meaning of the dream: horrible catastrophe

illegal marriage 81
Description: new relationships

advantageous price 9
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles to be removed

priest who celebrates a marriage 24
Translation: profitable activities

marriage of convenience 8
Dream description: disagreement and penis

Happy Marriage 17
Meaning: good intentions unrealizable

parish priest who celebrates a marriage 24
Translation of the dream: momentum in activity

consent to marriage 90
Interpretation: Fortunately threatened

consanguineous marriage 51
Sense of the dream: lack of new ideas

arrange a marriage 79
What does it mean: career advancement

celebrating a religious marriage 24
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

denunciation of marriage 43
Description: family trouble

Promise of marriage 8
Interpretation of the dream: serene optimism

common law marriage 70
Translation: interesting information

participation of marriage 72
Dream description: unfounded fears

publication of marriage 15
Meaning: inner satisfaction

inclination to marriage 7
Translation of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

unfit for marriage 52
Interpretation: psychological stress

advantageous use 74
Sense of the dream: vanity excessive

defer marriage 64
What does it mean: danger of errors

advantageous interest 21
Meaning of the dream: business stagnation

marriage certificate 57
Description: lack of confidence

unite two people in marriage 20
Interpretation of the dream: great serenity

wedding anniversary 86
Translation: windfall

repent of their marriage 76
Dream description: rectitude of judgment

marriage proposal 30
Meaning: programs to be reviewed

wedding ring 70
Translation of the dream: hatred declared

Decision advantageous 55
Interpretation: misunderstandings clarified

advantageous purchase 67
Sense of the dream: passing infatuation

shotgun wedding 80
What does it mean: something is wrong in the marriage relationship

appears wedding 67
Meaning of the dream: chat with neighbors

spoiling a wedding 86
Description: uncertain business

elegant wedding 55
Interpretation of the dream: irresolute character

cancel a wedding 59
Translation: intrigue friends