Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

adorn themselves

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: adorn themselves

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45 adorn
wheezing secret

13 adorn themselves
wheezing secret

32 adorn themselves with jewelry
dangerous actions

25 adorn an altar
failure of proposals

10 adorn their homes
You receive many visits

13 adorn themselves with new things
great good news waiting for you within a very short time

36 adorn themselves with flowers
ephemeral satisfactions

86 adorn a table
imaginative projects

75 adorn the person
hidden desires

5 adorn themselves with a lace
practical talents

31 adorn yourself with violets
modesty and chastity

75 adorn adornment of woman

84 adore god
important events good

55 adoration of an idol

28 It is adorned with bouquets
joy short-lived

29 unadorned
maturity of spirit

27 person unadorned
maturity of spirit

76 unadorned clothing
payout of hostilities

42 unadorned table
slow progress in labor

1 adorned with flowers
pleasures and content with little luck

10 ambassador
little sincerity and deception of friends or relatives