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Adoption of abandoned child. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream adoption of abandoned child. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

abandoned child 17
Meaning of the dream: favors poorly rewarded

adoption of children 6
Description: penis and opposition

abandoned garden 40
Interpretation of the dream: ideas unclear

abandoned wagon 81
Translation: Unexpected Journey

abandoned nest 18
Dream description: infidelity of the beloved

purge a child 47
Meaning: shots of anger

naiveté of a child 65
Translation of the dream: too sensitive aspect of yourself

whims of a child 77
Interpretation: obstacles and hostilities

abandoned baby 42
Sense of the dream: unexpected fortune

abandoned prison 5
What does it mean: contrariness

truck abandoned 11
Meaning of the dream: calm character

cap child 39
Description: end of love

anus of child 53
Interpretation of the dream: protection from an elderly person

abandoned by family 18
Translation: personal success

emperor abandoned 35
Dream description: strong inner conflict

flatter a child 14
Meaning: betrayal discovered

entice a child 6
Translation of the dream: confidentiality harmful

scold a child 70
Interpretation: excellent chance

humiliate a child 72
Sense of the dream: need advice

abandoned lover 76
What does it mean: excessive voltage

calm a child 3
Meaning of the dream: narrow escape

take a child 42
Description: encouragement flattering

hold a child 90
Interpretation of the dream: hope for the future

slapping a child 66
Translation: uncertainties and doubts

choke a child 7
Dream description: bad luck and setbacks

abandoned by everyone 90
Meaning: obstacles and hindrances

breastfeed a child 48
Translation of the dream: union inconstant

coddling a child 43
Interpretation: inner dissatisfaction

console a child 69
Sense of the dream: status uncertain

punish a child 6
What does it mean: economic concerns

feed a child 27
Meaning of the dream: achieving a goal

abandoned by friends 3
Description: self-confidence

re-educate a child 53
Interpretation of the dream: protection and aid

abandoned by her sister 33
Translation: Councils concerned

cry of a child 8
Dream description: good wishes

magnetize child 49
Meaning: happy event

to dress a child 83
Translation of the dream: enforceable rights

whipping a child 73
Interpretation: complex to be overcome

abandoned 78
Sense of the dream: not sincerity and betrayal

baptism of a child 16
What does it mean: rise in labor

wake up a child 56
Meaning of the dream: serenity family

child 1
Description: desire to have a child

guts of the Child 15
Interpretation of the dream: emotion and enthusiasm

beating a child 2
Translation: impatience

kennel abandoned 1
Dream description: great ideas

flock abandoned 78
Meaning: favorable business meeting

abandoned by his father 23
Translation of the dream: willingness tenacious

abandoned by his mother 23
Interpretation: need for economies

lament of child 25
Sense of the dream: unusual adventure

abandoned by his cousin 24
What does it mean: awards undeserved

force a child 38
Meaning of the dream: insights false

favor a child 52
Description: insecurity and inability to focus on things

trailing a child 68
Interpretation of the dream: intolerance

cat abandoned 70
Translation: requests devious

shirt child 12
Dream description: immediate realization

abandoned hut 76
Meaning: low intrigue