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Adjust pump. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream adjust pump. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

adjust socks 6
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral joys

adjust an engine 65
Description: reconciliation at home

adjust 15
Interpretation of the dream: Next satisfaction

operate the pump 46
Translation: cycle lucky

adjust a chair 6
Dream description: Next satisfaction

adjust the furniture 52
Meaning: joy and prosperity

fire pump 28
Translation of the dream: test of loyalty

automatic pump 36
Interpretation: intimate joys

adjust an object 34
Sense of the dream: Gain honest

adjust the garters 64
What does it mean: favorable solutions

adjust the battery 57
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated pride

bomb 48
Description: cancellation

suction pump 75
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

adjust the bill 38
Translation: gory moments

adjust a dress 73
Dream description: discovery of enmity

adjust the telescope 20
Meaning: fantasy to control

adjust in eating 83
Translation of the dream: balance and moderation

adjust the clock 51
Interpretation: desire for stability

breast pump 36
Sense of the dream: abundance

adjust the speed 19
What does it mean: impulsive

adjusting a clock 88
Meaning of the dream: maturation of ideas

Defuse the bomb 56
Description: aid to encourage

bomb kills 90
Interpretation of the dream: good future

bomb falling 60
Translation: sense of measure

bomb explodes 66
Dream description: lively conversations

atomic bomb 56
Meaning: aspiration to command

unexploded bomb 25
Translation of the dream: aid to young people

bomb plane 73
Interpretation: confidence in their own possibilities

artificial bomb 53
Sense of the dream: enmities hidden

plastic bomb 8
What does it mean: new love

pump 80
Meaning of the dream: cancellation

throw the bomb 81
Description: hopes ill-founded

gas bomb 68
Interpretation of the dream: slight indisposition

bomb in Cannon 29
Translation: aid to encourage

bomb to air 35
Dream description: infirmity

Bomb with clock 45
Meaning: serious damage

uranium bomb 10
Translation of the dream: You suffer a loss

plutonium bomb 48
Interpretation: contrasts with relatives

tear gas bomb 18
Sense of the dream: need for prudence in writing

Paper bomb 90
What does it mean: misfortune

settle accounts 76
Meaning of the dream: opposition of relatives

find the bomb 73
Description: rash judgments

tool bomb 87
Interpretation of the dream: you will begin an arduous

build the bomb 21
Translation: impediments to relatives

mafia bomb 45
Dream description: period of stalemate in the work

Bomb the wall 76
Meaning: obstacles to be faced

accommodate cars 32
Translation of the dream: uncertainties and doubts

accommodate object 5
Interpretation: return of money

fix a road 3
Sense of the dream: dangerous adventures

accommodate an enemy 23
What does it mean: violent arguments

accommodate people 46
Meaning of the dream: sad moments that pass quickly

accommodate bikes 39
Description: sterile projects

accommodate a friend 69
Interpretation of the dream: profitable deal

fix a situation 11
Translation: punishment inflicted

accommodate demand 32
Dream description: deal that goes awry, during which escapes

accommodate a relative 12
Meaning: unforeseen expenses

accommodate a prayer 35
Translation of the dream: fortune