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Actions bag. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream actions bag. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lightness of actions 74

committing bad actions 47

bag 2
Interpretation of the dream: disorders

lose the bag 31
Translation: indecision dangerous

find a bag 13
Dream description: useless talk

steal the bag 41
Meaning: family trouble

bag full 15
Translation of the dream: uncertain future

leather bag 80
Interpretation: excessive exuberance

embroidered bag 42
Sense of the dream: tendency to command

travel bag 18
What does it mean: grudge

bag woman 40
Meaning of the dream: petty selfishness

bag businessman 25
Description: fights with siblings

bag with documents 67
Interpretation of the dream: fill in difficult relationships

buy the bag 24
Translation: significant activities

give the bag 10
Dream description: serenity of spirit

bag of chestnuts 60
Meaning: good business

bag of sugar 11
Translation of the dream: self-doubt

bag of waste 71
Interpretation: unexpected events

bag of olives 9
Sense of the dream: serene privacy

bag of sweets 72
What does it mean: sufferings and pains

alligator bag 4
Meaning of the dream: talk in the family

game bag 9
Description: fortune

put in a bag 71
Interpretation of the dream: disorders

bag rags 87
Translation: dispute with family

bag sausage 11
Dream description: deep melancholy

operation bag 18
Meaning: to curb impulsiveness

quail in the bag 6
Translation of the dream: unfounded fears

fill a bag 24
Interpretation: bad relationships

white bag 40
Sense of the dream: financial aid

colored bag 52
What does it mean: heartbreak

paper bag 67
Meaning of the dream: vivid imagination

empty bag 54
Description: professional achievement

broken bag 88
Interpretation of the dream: contempt of danger

bag with coins 26
Translation: nervousness and discouragement

bag with jewelry 18
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

sleeping bag 65
Meaning: lack of confidence

bag of wheat 41
Translation of the dream: greatest hits

bag of rice 29
Interpretation: new guidelines

diplomatic bag 26
Sense of the dream: delusions of grandeur

empty the bag 13
What does it mean: resolute and determined spirit

tie the bag 33

bag with bread 82

bag for your brother 15

bag for your journey 83

bag with holes 57

bag with money 2

bag with values 2

Shopper bag 87

plastic bag 79

lost bag 60

barley in the bag 29

rummaging in your bag 40

bag by Monks 70

bag with silver 48

bag with gold 90

selfless action 15
Meaning: sacrifices for relatives

action 18
Translation of the dream: losses

bad action 17
Interpretation: success of new ideas

baggage placed 32
Sense of the dream: abandonment of a friend

receive a baggage 20
What does it mean: unfortunate mishap

saddlebag full 21
Meaning of the dream: avarice

good action 46
Description: opposition at home

Construction waste in bags 34
Interpretation of the dream: ill health

load bags 65
Translation: old problems to be solved

pile of garbage 10
Dream description: advantageous purchases

cabbage 18
Meaning: long life and also prosperity, long-

white cabbage 18
Translation of the dream: good health

black cabbage 21
Interpretation: to clarify misunderstandings

cook the cabbage 70
Sense of the dream: momentary concerns

eat a cabbage 22
What does it mean: gossip of neighbors

planting cabbage 42
Meaning of the dream: increase in revenue

bagged cement 55
Description: prosperity and gains

moving action 83
Interpretation of the dream: stable relationships

conscious action 6
Translation: adaptability and optimism

bagpipe 77
Dream description: concerns

hear play the bagpipes 3
Meaning: change in your environment

bagpipe shoulder 65
Translation of the dream: new duties to perform

buy the bagpipes 54
Interpretation: fickle mood

fretting for action 70
Sense of the dream: need for rest

extraction 88
What does it mean: good business

extraction of the lot 69
Meaning of the dream: good business