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Acquaintances thieves. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream acquaintances thieves. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

forest with thieves 68
Meaning of the dream: bright ideas

imprison thieves 82
Description: waivers painful

chasing thieves 12
Interpretation of the dream: important decisions to make

break down thieves 86
Translation: blindness

grab thieves 68
Dream description: filthy lucre

shouting thieves 68
Meaning: obstacles to overcome

widen the circle of acquaintances 51
Translation of the dream: new openings in the labor

fending off thieves 36
Interpretation: sudden indisposition

conspiracy of thieves 70
Sense of the dream: danger of exploitation

meet thieves 87
What does it mean: economic difficulties

Association of thieves 78
Meaning of the dream: good business

brawl thieves 79
Description: delays and mishaps

drain thieves 41
Interpretation of the dream: need saving

beware of thieves 60
Translation: clashes of views

associate with thieves 64
Dream description: chatter dangerous

invasion of thieves 22
Meaning: remarkable spiritual possibilities

alloy thieves 24
Translation of the dream: They will have welfare and unexpected benefits from a project that seemed to be successful

alarm thieves 83
Interpretation: passing clouds

circuit by thieves 17
Sense of the dream: laziness and poverty

They sneak thieves enter the house 6
What does it mean: Safety in your business

catch thieves 24
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

round up thieves 68
Description: dating situation confusing

ambush of thieves 21
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately in persist

search for thieves 1
Translation: heavy duty

pack of thieves 29
Dream description: New Jobs

gang of thieves 70
Meaning: concerns work

horde of thieves 75
Translation of the dream: misery

encounter with robbers 39
Interpretation: reassuring news

den of thieves 18
Sense of the dream: narrow escape

woods with robbers 26
What does it mean: better health care

grave robbers 62
Meaning of the dream: small events disarming

castle with robbers 21
Description: professional projects

fighting with the robbers 64
Interpretation of the dream: We must change his conduct

ride robbers 19
Translation: commitments to maintain

beheaded by robbers 25
Dream description: loss of your goods

ambushed by robbers 24
Meaning: treachery

dogs known to your friends 46
Translation of the dream: loyalty and courage

see a fired acquaintance 5
Interpretation: wary of friendly person

attract knowledge 4
Sense of the dream: secret betrayed

spread knowledge 26
What does it mean: misunderstanding in the family

seduce an acquaintance 89
Meaning of the dream: inner disturbances

peace with an acquaintance 48
Description: disagreement in the family

stabbed by known person 12
Interpretation of the dream: damage and losses

looters 17
Translation: melancholy

bandit arrested 25
Dream description: improvised Friends

unmask bandits 54
Meaning: projects to be postponed

camp of bandits 16
Translation of the dream: misfortune avoided

being attacked by many brigands 2
Interpretation: mishaps with close relatives

a dog barking unknown 70
Sense of the dream: threat of danger

beggar thief 56
What does it mean: discover pleasant

catch a thief 49
Meaning of the dream: craftiness

acclaim 21
Description: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties