Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Acknowledge receipt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: acknowledge receipt

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acknowledge receipt 28
Meaning of the dream: friction in the family

take your receipt 30
Dream Interpretation: money coming

validate a receipt 18
Meanings of dreams: coherent actions

provide a receipt 35
Dream Interpretations: disappointments in love

acknowledgment of receipt 76
What does this mean: vindictive character

issuing a receipt 20
What does it mean: interesting news

receive a receipt 52
Meaning of the dream: difficult choice

receipt with stamp 10
Dream Interpretation: malevolent judgments

no receipt stamp 24
Meanings of dreams: disorderly life

receipt false 66
Dream Interpretations: trip to return

give receipt 28
What does this mean: bargains

receipt worldly 49
What does it mean: diplomacy and confidentiality

receipt modest 6
Meaning of the dream: mood changes

deposit receipt 69
Dream Interpretation: Good news

receipt of a telegram 33
Meanings of dreams: unexpected meeting

receipt of a parcel 86
Dream Interpretations: businesses safe

lose your receipt 38
What does this mean: dissatisfaction and anger

sign the receipt 54
What does it mean: income from a business

issue a receipt 70
Meaning of the dream: expenses to be addressed

circular receipt 74

receipt of a money order 83
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

registered mail with return receipt 13
Dream Interpretation: grave slander

receive a lighter 38
Meanings of dreams: He surprised by a son

receive cheers 7
Dream Interpretations: flattery fatuous

receive an affront 88
What does this mean: dispute at home

receiving an anonymous letter 70
What does it mean: absolutism in love

receive a check 7
Meaning of the dream: useless generous act

receive a baggage 20
Dream Interpretation: unfortunate mishap

receive doll as a gift 66
Meanings of dreams: consolations of old friends

receive a trunk 20
Dream Interpretations: mischievous reasoning

receive the blessing 60
What does this mean: intuitive intelligence

receive the Bible 45
What does it mean: Initial difficulties

receive cookies as gifts 84
Meaning of the dream: evil-minded friends

receiving a brilliant 71
Dream Interpretation: illusions of short duration

receive a herd 25
Meanings of dreams: honor

receiving a harmonica as a gift 43
Dream Interpretations: pleasures make someone

make or receive greetings 56
What does this mean: confidence

receive Popularity Birch 89
What does it mean: useful meetings

receive the gift of a purse 22
Meaning of the dream: anger

receive charity 52
Dream Interpretation: You are sincere

receive the deposit 78
Meanings of dreams: Success in business

receive a postcard 27
Dream Interpretations: new friendships

receiving the coupon 44
What does this mean: small gain

receive a cyclamen 41
What does it mean: awareness of their merits

receive a command 61
Meaning of the dream: unjustified fears

receive condolences 88
Dream Interpretation: disease of short duration

receive consolation 84
Meanings of dreams: claiming entitlement

receive a contribution 7
Dream Interpretations: fortitude

receive correspondence 43
What does this mean: Good news

receive confirmation 47
What does it mean: inner balance

receive the dedication 63
Meaning of the dream: supports friendly

receive alms 72
Dream Interpretation: sorrows in family

receive a cable 11
Meanings of dreams: novelty very helpful