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Accident on the strips. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream accident on the strips. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

accident 56
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and fears deep

describe an accident 27
Description: narrow escape

attend an accident 9
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation

escape from an accident 60
Translation: useful clarifications

road accident 60
Dream description: slight disorder

hunting accident 44
Meaning: dangerous situation

with serious derailment accident 17
Translation of the dream: you are in a difficult situation

killed by accident 27
Interpretation: Fears passengers

car crash 34
Sense of the dream: change of life

plane crash 66
What does it mean: new aspirations

drown by accident 46
Meaning of the dream: betrayal of women

death by accident 70
Description: Professional Success

horror to an accident 20
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

crash into anything with violence 40
Translation: waste of money

shot filmstrips 5
Dream description: important protections

stumbling on the stairs 62
Meaning: unmet expectations

road mishap 63
Translation of the dream: opposition passing

beaten on the hands 76
Interpretation: anxiety secret

beaten on the legs 21
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in love

bruises on the legs 80
What does it mean: disputes and ruptures

wound on the hands 45
Meaning of the dream: processing projects

whipped on the legs 12
Description: conflict disadvantageous

brain stroke 31
Interpretation of the dream: future concerns

railway disaster 14
Translation: confidence misplaced

beaten on the arms 43
Dream description: anger and quarrels

count on the fingers 9
Meaning: cunning and guile

scar on the arms 22
Translation of the dream: little kindness from friends

boxer on the ropes 17
Interpretation: unpleasant disillusionment

sleeping on feathers 80
Sense of the dream: achieving a goal

be on a wreck 19
What does it mean: you will be involved in an unfortunate

beaten on the shoulders 37
Meaning of the dream: you have too many envy

kiss on the lips 31
Description: ups and downs of mood

walking on the stones 7
Interpretation of the dream: pain and suffering

blowing on his hands 35
Translation: sudden fright

be on the Alps 75
Dream description: healthy aspirations

railings on the windows 23
Meaning: sadness

press on the shoulders 17
Translation of the dream: good insights

rest on couches 27
Interpretation: long-term commitments

walk on the rubble 67
Sense of the dream: you feel too pessimistic

waves on the rocks 58
What does it mean: success in business

scar on his hands 81
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

scar on his legs 9
Description: lack of enthusiasm

advertising on the walls 28
Interpretation of the dream: lively discussion

He pees on 84
Translation: thwarted love

sick on stretchers 50
Dream description: exploitation by friends

eagle on the emblem 12
Meaning: correspondence with good news

bucket on the well 71
Translation of the dream: displays of affection

Printing on leather 33
Interpretation: amazing adventures

upon seeing insects 58
Sense of the dream: you ll get into trouble

engrave on wood 36
What does it mean: tiring work albeit with very positive results

paint on glass 38
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness