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Abrupt halt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream abrupt halt. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

obligatory stop 6
Meaning of the dream: great emotions

Missed stop 9
Description: stubbornness and arrogance

optional stop 45
Interpretation of the dream: changing character

stop lover 9
Translation: ostentation, pretty successful in your business

long layover 83
Dream description: unreasonable antipathy

stop Marshal 80
Meaning: unfastened, too diffident

forced stop 81
Translation of the dream: prospects achievable

train stop 51
Interpretation: Fortunately compromised

bus stop 70
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

abrupt 4
What does it mean: concerns passing

operate a stop 80
Meaning of the dream: harmful relationships

stopping place 86
Description: new combination of work

airport layover 10
Interpretation of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

tram stop 36
Translation: reserve and prudence

sudden departure 34
Dream description: hard work

stop 19
Meaning: imprisonment

wait at a bus stop 24
Translation of the dream: inability to fight

sudden decision 88
Interpretation: quarrels and ruptures

canopy of the stop 78
Sense of the dream: protections from your family

tie, belt stop 19
What does it mean: anger, wrath

sudden 89
Meaning of the dream: dangerous initiatives

stop the car 62
Description: lack of firmness

hold a competition 85
Interpretation of the dream: condescension harmful

sudden release 19
Translation: excellent chance

sudden storm 45
Dream description: favorable change

unexpected death 67
Meaning: Good news

stop booked 10
Translation of the dream: betrayal of love

sudden wealth 86
Interpretation: tormenting thoughts

diarrhea sudden 42
Sense of the dream: you will change your ideas

hold by the hand 21
What does it mean: new relationships

Military Parade 21
Meaning of the dream: exuberance and vitality

make stop 68
Description: reports to be reconnected

stop banned 71
Interpretation of the dream: quiet days

pageboy holding her train 33
Translation: fluke

political parade 9
Dream description: ties secrets

stopping in the countryside 78
Meaning: full success in every engagement

dress parade 80
Translation of the dream: change of environment

stop at the market 43
Interpretation: job that will not come never rewarded

troops on parade 80
Sense of the dream: hopes and plans

firefighter on parade 55
What does it mean: instability in marriages

see boatswain on a ship stops 53
Meaning of the dream: your projects will go up in smoke

precipitous descent 17
Description: anxiety

spasmodic cough 38
Interpretation of the dream: intransigent attitudes

wake up suddenly 10
Translation: fertile imagination

die suddenly 32
Dream description: arrest of a project

suspended business 84
Meaning: joys next

impromptu poet 3
Translation of the dream: honest advice

postpone exams 32
Interpretation: unjustified apprehensions

postpone payment 81
Sense of the dream: bad decisions

stop over 85
What does it mean: imprisonment

purchase postponed 50
Meaning of the dream: love of neighbor

suspended extraction 65
Description: quarrels and gossip

crazy suddenly 6
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness to calm

postpone a worker 59
Translation: danger to the neighbors

postpone a gift 1
Dream description: haughtiness

postpone an appointment 54
Meaning: sudden departure

postpone a student 23
Translation of the dream: business that are successful

postpone marriage 64
Interpretation: fear of failure