Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Abhor tobacco. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: abhor tobacco

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abhor tobacco 41
Meaning of the dream: passing pleasures

abhor 44
Dream Interpretation: mortification

abhor woman 46
Meanings of dreams: mortification

abhor the man 84
Dream Interpretations: hidden enmities

abhor diseases 52
What does this mean: New Jobs

abhor slanderers 3
What does it mean: interesting news

abhor wine 14
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

abhor the game 90
Dream Interpretation: relief

abhor the rain 31
Meanings of dreams: affliction

abhor vice 17
Dream Interpretations: ostentation

abhor the water 64
What does this mean: passing suffering

abhor the danger 11

abhor hail 72

abhor poverty 20

abhor death 82

abhor wealth 77

abhor evil speaking 61

tobacco 7
Meaning of the dream: indirect benefits

burn tobacco 74
Dream Interpretation: inventive spirit

tobacco smuggling 45
Meanings of dreams: contempt of danger

package of tobacco 26
Dream Interpretations: measures to be taken

ration of tobacco 40
What does this mean: hopes burning

stock up on tobacco 46
What does it mean: contrasts of love

tobacco boxes 58
Meaning of the dream: donation of relatives

dried tobacco 18
Dream Interpretation: quarrels with friends

tobacco shop 42
Meanings of dreams: large chatter

leaf tobacco 3
Dream Interpretations: new knowledge

dry tobacco 55
What does this mean: economic problems

tobacco from cigarettes 5
What does it mean: Critical to Avoid

tobacco cigar 37
Meaning of the dream: intimate problems

pipe tobacco 32
Dream Interpretation: dynamism and health

sell tobacco 23
Meanings of dreams: illusory fantasies

procurement of tobacco 19

Tobacco Factory 58

handle tobacco 42

tobacco license 3

abbot who takes tobacco 4

the tobacconist's shop 82
Meaning of the dream: situation oscillating