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Abhor slanderers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream abhor slanderers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

abhor slanderers 3
Meaning of the dream: interesting news

slanderers 83

abhor 44
Interpretation of the dream: mortification

abhor woman 46
Translation: mortification

abhor the man 84
Dream description: hidden enmities

abhor diseases 52
Meaning: New Jobs

abhor tobacco 41
Translation of the dream: passing pleasures

abhor wine 14
Interpretation: cheerfulness

abhor the game 90
Sense of the dream: relief

abhor the rain 31
What does it mean: affliction

abhor vice 17
Meaning of the dream: ostentation

abhor the water 64
Description: passing suffering

abhor the danger 11

abhor hail 72

abhor poverty 20

abhor death 82

abhor wealth 77

abhor evil speaking 61

slander 56
Sense of the dream: losing in consideration

slander a parent 41
What does it mean: Excessive volatility

slander a son 19
Meaning of the dream: mishaps to overcome

slander a brother 2
Description: loss of security

slander a relative 50
Interpretation of the dream: little constancy in work

slandering a friend 29
Translation: unrealizable hopes

slander a neighbor 58
Dream description: threat from a friend

slanderous gossip 70
Meaning: misjudgements

dispel slander 52
Translation of the dream: increase of consideration

gossip or slander 13
Interpretation: greatness

crime of slander 17
Sense of the dream: obstacles to overcome

convicted of slander 11

islander 4

slandered by friends 75

slandered by relatives 80

slandered by all 31

slander trial 36

slanderer 27