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Abbess who reads. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream abbess who reads. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

abbess who reads 56

abbess who screams 26

Abbess sick 26
Interpretation of the dream: denotes joy

Abbess dead 33
Translation: reversal of fortune

Abbess bike 65

abbess who smokes 20

Abbess singing 6
Translation of the dream: ephemeral joy

Abbess flirting 90

Abbess 11
Sense of the dream: ambition, cunning

Abbess crying 11

Abbess laughing 82

Abbess boat 23

Abbess fleeing 13
Interpretation of the dream: infidelity

Abbess eating 77
Translation: waste substances

Abbess drinking 20

Abbess sleeping 38

Abbess tram 21

Abbess in the monastery 68
Interpretation: quiet life

Abbess in church 84
Sense of the dream: interesting news

Abbess by car 83

Abbess in the refectory 7

Abbess in parlor 89

Abbess in seclusion 32
Interpretation of the dream: good deal

abbess who works 47

see Abbess 45
Dream description: desire for honors

ill abbess 65

Abbess aboard ship 14

Abbess in function 30

Abbess praying 14

nun abbess 26

reads comic 20
Meaning of the dream: fanciful dreams

reads tragic 69
Description: decisions to return

reads last 18
Interpretation of the dream: hopes fragile

child who reads 80

breviary see a priest who reads 9
Dream description: wasted effort

monk reading 7

talking with an abbess 22
Translation of the dream: novelties in business

reads extraordinary 38
Interpretation: providential help

abbess of a monastery bad 88
Sense of the dream: pleasure

priest reading his breviary 68
What does it mean: organizational capacity

someone 58

lying down reading 52

man reading 22
Interpretation of the dream: serenity of spirit

Deputy reading 74
Translation: being unstable

woman reading 33

priest reading 6
Meaning: good organization

Rabbi reading 20
Translation of the dream: difficulties ironed out

searching someone 17
Interpretation: repressed desires

law 16
Sense of the dream: obstacles to overcome

read the paper 88
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

anyone 5

read a book 54
Description: poor luck material

recite poetry 11
Interpretation of the dream: restless spirit

recite a speech 45
Translation: initiatives guess

recite the lesson 19
Dream description: self confidence

martial law 23

comedian who recites 25

Republican law 68

seamstress who sews 52
Sense of the dream: Adventure passing

state law 32

horned 14

unjust law 73

walking reading 29
Interpretation of the dream: Be careful in work

teach reading 24
Translation: intelligent reflection

pleasant reading 16
Dream description: harsh discipline

character actor who recites 21

civil law 62

international law 53

applicable law 29

commercial law 14

govern 82
Meaning of the dream: need for aid

paratrooper who practices 38

law occult 57

crook 12
Translation: next success

serious reading 1
Dream description: Fast forward

MP who speaks 76
Meaning: broken promises

Dominican monastery 6

begin to read 81

lay down the law 23

firebrand who smokes 81
What does it mean: unexpected news