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Abandon their homeland. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: abandon their homeland

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abandon their homeland 85
Meaning of the dream: loss of friends

homeland 71
Dream Interpretation: return of a loved one

honor the homeland 18
Meanings of dreams: intimate satisfactions

return at homeland 16
Dream Interpretations: delight

sacrifice for the homeland 87
What does this mean: great time

betraying the homeland 46
What does it mean: abrupt change

abandon 60
Meaning of the dream: insincerity, treachery of a friend

abandon their children 65
Dream Interpretation: next sorrows

abandon friends 7
Meanings of dreams: intrigues

abandon an animal 6
Dream Interpretations: misfortunes

abandon an object 2
What does this mean: godsend

abandon his daughter 35
What does it mean: dangerous business

fantasy abandon you 20
Meaning of the dream: too much to chance

abandon brothers 62

abandon relatives 84

abandoning the lover 30
Meaning of the dream: selfishness

abandoned 78
Dream Interpretation: not sincerity and betrayal

abandoned baby 42
Meanings of dreams: unexpected fortune

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Dream Interpretations: triumph over enemies

abandoned by family 18
What does this mean: personal success

abandoned by friends 3
What does it mean: self-confidence

abandoned lover 76
Meaning of the dream: excessive voltage

abandoned child 17
Dream Interpretation: favors poorly rewarded

abandonment of the great 37
Meanings of dreams: joyfulness

kennel abandoned 1
Dream Interpretations: great ideas

abandoned hut 76
What does this mean: low intrigue

abandoned fortress 19
What does it mean: state of fatigue

cat abandoned 70
Meaning of the dream: requests devious

abandoned garden 40
Dream Interpretation: ideas unclear

It is abandoned by large 55
Meanings of dreams: consolation, successful

introducing contraband merchandise 60
Dream Interpretations: you have to limit yourself to more

orphan abandoned 50
What does this mean: sorrows soon exceeded

seize contraband 69
What does it mean: change of environment

It is abandoned by important men 2
Meaning of the dream: joyfulness

abandoning the newborn 27

abandoned by everyone 90

abandoned by children 2

abandoned by his cousin 24

abandoned by her husband 13

abandoned by his father 23

abandoned by the lover 73

abandoned by his 8

abandoned by his mother 23

abandoned by her sister 33

abandoned car 21

abandonment of bicycle 13

abandonment of corpse 5

truck abandoned 11

dog abandonment 20

horse abandonment 37

cat abandonment 81

abandonment of guide 78

Working abandonment 23

abandonment of husband 13

abandonment of wife 64

abandonment of kin 51

abandonment of swag 3

abandoned wagon 81

clipper abandoned 78

gondola abandoned 69

flock abandoned 78

emperor abandoned 35