Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

a belt buckle

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: a belt buckle

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buckle a belt 19

belt buckle 17
stance wrong

buckle 10
good health

buckle your shoes 50
narrow escape

gold buckle 50
holding cute

silver buckle 29
family atmosphere stormy

buckle route 61
lack of understanding

buckle shoes 5
teen Spirit

buckle pants 25
strange statement

buckle priest 69
important decision to postpone

fasten buckle 56
overcoming of complexes

lost buckle 1

buckle stolen 60

buckle found 77

belt 41

loosen your belt 21
hopes dashed

belt machine 49
short trip

Belt of the cart 13
economic security

belt carriage 36
gains with work

silk belt 61
unrealizable desires

leather belt 9
relationships relaxing

iron belt 43
satisfactions from work

embroidered belt 36
benefits and surprises

Belt men 18
prestige and notoriety

Belt Women 56
lack of reflection

belt by Brother 40
lengthy negotiations

belt soldier 38
false flattery

belt dressing 37
difficulties from the environment

unbuckle the belt 87
tough love

tighten belt 11
hard problems

horse belt 26

Military Belt 32

by religious Belt 85

tie, belt stop 19
anger, wrath

buy a garter belt 49
secret desires

fasten the belts 45
obsessive passion

tighten their belts 4
change of position

wearing belts 13
offers to be evaluated

lifebelt 33
sadness passing

Swashbuckler 4