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Women who attack me. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Women who attack me. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

attack 41
Meaning of the dream: attention to their own interests

attack behind 61
Description: opposition inevitable

the attack was 78
Interpretation of the dream: need to change something in your life

attack for robbery 33
Translation: new production commitments

in revenge attack 78
Dream description: successfully countered in business

attack verbally 65
Meaning: uncertain business

attack a fight 51
Translation of the dream: presumption punished

enemy attack 70
Interpretation: you will be offended

attack the barricade 12
Sense of the dream: You're conformist

attack in front 60
What does it mean: obstacles and struggles

suffer an attack 60
Meaning of the dream: imminent danger

organize an attack 54
Description: deeply hate a person

attack a train 43
Interpretation of the dream: independence

Communist attack 53
Translation: Happy Marriage

political attack 31
Dream description: anger

terroristic attack 76
Meaning: hoax

attack an enemy 76
Translation of the dream: You win your battle

Pope attack 90
Interpretation: difficult relationships

performing an anarchist attack 63
Sense of the dream: cracks and separations

die of a heart attack 50
What does it mean: favorite trip

women able 76
Meaning of the dream: triumph over opposition

little old women 16
Description: listen to advice from older people

squabbling about women 74
Interpretation of the dream: good news

meeting of women 44
Translation: mischief discovery

crowding of women 13
Dream description: betrayal of friends

incite women 1
Meaning: insult received

harboring women 57
Translation of the dream: resistance to fatigue

Women stay 57
Interpretation: increased resistance to fatigue

wrangle with women 80
Sense of the dream: consistency in the principles

appearance of women 16
What does it mean: perseverance in love

bathroom with women 43
Meaning of the dream: imminent danger

scuffle between women 36
Description: excessive credulity

hang women 80
Interpretation of the dream: position compromised

brigade of women 49
Translation: excessive impressionability

trampling of women 18
Dream description: past pleasures

Shoemaker Women 29
Meaning: small contrasts

women's shirt 18
Translation of the dream: unstable situation

women's coat 44
Interpretation: work hard

women's hood 38
Sense of the dream: insights incorrect

imprison women 21
What does it mean: in labor disputes

Prison for Women 55
Meaning of the dream: unjust accusations

noise of women 6
Description: repetition of errors

women's hair 10
Interpretation of the dream: inconstancy in love

Belt Women 56
Translation: lack of reflection

communion of women 70
Dream description: unforeseen obstacles

contact with women 43
Meaning: dangerous head shots

contention among women 30
Translation of the dream: charges made bad

conversing with women 16
Interpretation: next displeasure

corsage Women 68
Sense of the dream: separation from a friend