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Wardrobe search. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Wardrobe search. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

inlaid wardrobe 58
Meaning of the dream: mental reservations

search keys 87
Description: love for novelty

search flea 8
Interpretation of the dream: you yourself go in into trouble

People search 74
Translation: hasty judgments

wardrobe with hats 31
Dream description: risky business

an office search 10
Meaning: disagree with superiors

search for thieves 1
Translation of the dream: heavy duty

wardrobe with clothes 74
Interpretation: Fortunately vanished

open wardrobe 9
Sense of the dream: next ailments

cool wardrobe 36
What does it mean: way of saving

search for brother 78
Meaning of the dream: incoming correspondence

search for the father 50
Description: fortitude

search for the mother 32
Interpretation of the dream: creative spirit

bloodhound searching 27
Translation: new social relations

search a man 71
Dream description: uncertainty as to overcome

wardrobe 72
Meaning: success in life

ancient cupboard 53
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue

search for a friend 28
Interpretation: supports important

empty cupboard 36
Sense of the dream: dangerous inefficiency in work

cupboard with crockery 20
What does it mean: illusions and disillusions

search for a person 74
Meaning of the dream: judgments little goals

searching someone 17
Description: repressed desires

search a woman 12
Interpretation of the dream: impediments and delays

search for an object 47
Translation: imaginative wishes

search for a family 49
Dream description: brilliant location

Closed cabinet 7
Meaning: inspirations successful

closet full 45
Translation of the dream: need for thoughts more optimistic

search for 42
Interpretation: torments

close the closet 78
Sense of the dream: danger of carelessness

flour in the cupboard 53
What does it mean: be happy

coat closet 56
Meaning of the dream: You have regrets of the past

cupboard with bread 56
Description: serenity of mind

cupboard with flour 76
Interpretation of the dream: need saving

seek recovery 10
Translation: contrasts secrets

Electrical cabinet 29
Dream description: increase vitality

closet with mesh 72
Meaning: reflections and prudence

bathroom cabinet 88
Translation of the dream: attempts to open more your mind

search the pockets 56
Interpretation: floating assets

search for an escaped convict 22
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

veneer cabinet 17
What does it mean: desire to protect

closet clean 71
Meaning of the dream: visits to relatives

empty closet 66
Description: unsolicited advice

closet dirt 37
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts sentimental

closet with linen 72
Translation: sorrows that are intended to pass

closet 63
Dream description: success in life

closet close 81
Meaning: unrealistic ideas

shelf of closet 78
Translation of the dream: letters traveling

lighted closet 22
Interpretation: situation stable

closet in order 7
Sense of the dream: clear days

mice in the closet 55
What does it mean: family responsibilities

compartment of a cabinet 6
Meaning of the dream: stormy conquest

rummaging in the closet 18
Description: practical mindset

mouse in the closet 55
Interpretation of the dream: family responsibilities

worms in the closet 21
Translation: dangers to be faced