Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Visits to family

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Visits to family

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15 Visits to family
unnecessary problems

17 slow visits
misrepresentation of reality

50 receive visits
tears to shed

1 make visits
unjust lawsuit

15 family
personal success

42 his family
new important facts

41 not to have a family

18 abandoned by family
personal success

15 Take a bite with the family
economic benefits

15 fit in family
healthy insights

34 banquet in family

3 head of family
depth of thought

25 family chapel
ties with foreigners

42 family home
new knowledge

80 dine in family
serenity and confidence

63 family council
momentary successes

70 ruling family
support for older people

28 dinner in family
new projects

70 discord in the family

80 dishonoring the family
solitude and meditation

54 separation from family
tendency to rebellion

50 duty to the family
new projects

1 the sacred family
Peace of mind

75 large family
important protections

17 poor family
new projects

4 wealthy family
sweeping changes

58 leave the family
economic difficulties

53 quarrel in the family
deceptions of women

60 family party
status uncertain

60 bereaved family
talent and skills

54 see their happiness in family

17 see their family leave
Discussions with serious consequences

6 see their family grow
good omen

86 see their family in white

51 see their family in black

35 see their family speaks
listen to it

61 see their family calling you
you feel guilty

35 many people in their family

15 honor the family
tests estimate

10 family heritage

61 baby in the family
beginning of a new period

50 family relationship
important meeting

18 saddened by a family
concrete proof of solidarity

13 royal family
Success in business

49 search for a family
brilliant location

13 disown the family
impulsiveness detrimental

59 sacrifice for the family
passing clouds

37 family secret
serious responsibility

31 escape to family
unnecessary quarrels

82 suppress family
quarrels dangerous

78 support the family

38 Family fee
reconciliation with relatives

11 family grave
unfounded fears

60 tombola family
possibility of travel

66 transcend with family
lamentable failure

70 neglecting family
presumption excessive

87 family quarrel
tensions will soon be afloat

53 disinherit a family member
unreasonable obstinacy

47 a selfish family member
will and decision

59 feel a stranger in the family
small misunderstandings

31 see a dead person's own family
your life will be long

19 rodent (mice or other family)
meetings too easy and therefore dangerous

35 visit academy

73 say goodbye after a visit
poor understanding

64 visit sick
liberation from regret

64 visiting the sick
You find the means to achieve your goal

55 visit an abbey
a woman you closer

74 visit a jail
demonstrations of trust

15 surgeon visit
serious decisions to make