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Veal on a leash. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Veal on a leash. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

leash 23
Meaning of the dream: not stand more a bond

see a broken leash 76
Description: a trusted friend has abandoned them

veal 43
Interpretation of the dream: loving relationship with a person who may be too needy and dependent on you

brain veal 6
Translation: desire to change

veal market 40
Dream description: new interests

Veal quartered 36
Meaning: intimate concerns

Veal chop 57
Translation of the dream: beautiful omen

veal broth 44
Interpretation: difficult days

fat veal 64
Sense of the dream: gift coming, unexpected

veal sauce 5
What does it mean: strong earnings

loin of veal 39
Meaning of the dream: painful decision

Veal thigh 36
Description: creative spirit

slice of veal 77
Interpretation of the dream: shifts lucky

fried veal 27
Translation: unexpected events

veal snout 40
Dream description: good news

braised veal 66
Meaning: period of sadness

taming fleas 60
Translation of the dream: treachery

release a recommended 9
Interpretation: happy news coming

teach fleas 60
Sense of the dream: betrayal of love

set be released 72
What does it mean: loss of their property and charges

kennel with fleas 8
Meaning of the dream: nervous tension

singing unpleasant 69
Description: Success in business

communication pleased 14
Interpretation of the dream: confidences dangerous

displeasure 84
Translation: unexpected joy

sudden release 19
Dream description: excellent chance

please 18
Meaning: falsehood

anger or displeasure 17
Translation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

thrill of pleasure 34
Interpretation: high hopes

immerse yourself in the pleasures 29
Sense of the dream: sincerity counterproductive

disgusting insects fleas lice bedbugs 48
What does it mean: gold and silver in abundance

pleasant reading books 32
Meaning of the dream: comfort and peace

lot of pleasure 64
Description: unstable equilibrium

pleasant 85
Interpretation of the dream: consolation and peace

pleasant reading 16
Translation: harsh discipline

pleasant trip 88
Dream description: adaptability to circumstances

feel pleasure 60
Meaning: distrust in the near

pleasant smell 34
Translation of the dream: sincerity

unpleasant odor 30
Interpretation: I ll be alone

bring displeasure 62
Sense of the dream: improvised relatives

release a diploma 30
What does it mean: grudge

release a person 36
Meaning of the dream: change of ideas

release a prisoner 39
Description: contrasts with the elderly

release references 32
Interpretation of the dream: sympathy unrequited

pleasant taste 30
Translation: strong jealousy

release 72
Dream description: sympathy and benevolence

release an innocent 65
Meaning: sympathy and benevolence

release a woman 18
Translation of the dream: deception uncovered

release a man 20
Interpretation: Danger averted

release for amnesty 75
Sense of the dream: request for help

release for lighter penalty 87
What does it mean: repairable errors