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Unknown see approach close. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Unknown see approach close. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

approach 4
Meaning of the dream: secret fears

approach someone 65
Description: you ll have a new relationship

unknown 47
Interpretation of the dream: a part of yourself that repressed and hidden

approach the window 34
Translation: little annoyances

approach the sidewalk 39
Dream description: good profits

approach by boat 17
Meaning: scarce possibilities

approach with the machine 7
Translation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

approach religion 68
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

approach a snake 66
Sense of the dream: fulfillment in love

approach a woman 74
What does it mean: Profits in business

bloodhound Unknown 11
Meaning of the dream: lack of initiative

approach by a person 16
Description: honors

unknown island 23
Interpretation of the dream: dreams of love

go to an unknown place 4
Translation: Merry Company

unknown guest 36
Dream description: significant personal benefits

unknown country 17
Meaning: intelligence and satisfaction

unknown person 59
Translation of the dream: lust for life

be a ward unknown 90
Interpretation: winnings

unknown man 65
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

friendly approach 27

loving approach 43

approach to the cinema 10

approach to theater 27

approach of Christmas 82

approach of Easter 5

amount unknown 76

unknown poverty 28

The Unknown Soldier 40

a dog barking unknown 70
Sense of the dream: threat of danger

blame a person unknown to you 14
What does it mean: you will be betrayed by someone you know

He is bound by unknown person 48
Meaning of the dream: annoyance and loss of money

protect a person unknown 16
Description: eventful life

see an unknown terrestrial monster 11
Interpretation of the dream: aid and also very useful meetings

approach a person of high rank 27
Translation: honors

get close to anything 19
Dream description: curiosity

be close to someone 15
Meaning: unexpected aid

close 59
Translation of the dream: your business is the worst

close the tray 20
Interpretation: inhibitions and complexes

close the bolt 45
Sense of the dream: Excessive pedantry

close to the door 9
What does it mean: lasting commitment

close windows 16
Meaning of the dream: working tirelessly

close the blinds 43
Description: non-resistance

close the shop 35
Interpretation of the dream: resentment and bitterness

close the closet 78
Translation: danger of carelessness

close the gate 67
Dream description: competition and disloyalty

close the refrigerator 26
Meaning: impatience and rebellion

Close a Drawer 22
Translation of the dream: new spending