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Strawberry ice cream. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Strawberry ice cream. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Strawberry ice cream 2

ice cream 16
Description: deceptive illusion

fruit ice cream 7
Interpretation of the dream: return of money

coffee ice cream 56
Translation: precious support

eat ice cream 65
Dream description: ties safe

sell ice cream 15
Meaning: ability of collaboration

licking an ice cream 50
Translation of the dream: unexpected joy

vanilla ice cream 81
Interpretation: short enthusiasm

ice cream maker 39

raspberry ice cream 75

Ice Cream Cacao 68

ice cream liqueur 59

pistachio ice cream 56

nougat ice cream 8

ice cream with apricot 8

cherry ice cream 32

ice cream to orange 2

Mint ice cream 78

hazelnut ice cream 43

cup of ice cream 40


cake with sweetened ricotta (ice cream) 69
Meaning of the dream: useful meetings

strawberry field 10
Description: balance conquered

eat strawberry 29
Interpretation of the dream: some aspects of your character are immature

essence of strawberry 7

Strawberry with sugar 34

Strawberry jam 54

cream puffs with cream 56

cream 17
Interpretation: attention to debts

take the cream 79
Sense of the dream: Bad mood

ice 11
What does it mean: uncertain situation, poor security

go on the ice 11

ice water 44
Description: discouragement

jug with cream 72
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in judging relatives

vanilla cream 41
Translation: indecision dangerous

chocolate cream 6
Dream description: minor annoyances

sweet cream 20
Meaning: lack of decision

eating cream 19
Translation of the dream: bad purchases

crust of ice 58
Interpretation: dangerous business

strawberries with cream 36
Sense of the dream: lack of objectivity

whisk cream 41
What does it mean: lack of energy

cream of icecream 84
Meaning of the dream: deceptive illusion

liquefy ice 5
Description: rebellions unnecessary

ice creams 4
Interpretation of the dream: You suffer from hunger

ice or snow 4
Translation: prosperity in your business

walking on ice 38
Dream description: wasted effort

sheet of ice 13
Meaning: frivolity in your feelings

ice hockey 44
Translation of the dream: interesting journey

whipped cream 18
Interpretation: profitable business

coffee with cream 78
Sense of the dream: secret pleasures

ice skating 40
What does it mean: thwarted love

use ice ax 33
Meaning of the dream: tiring journey

slipping on ice 63
Description: affirmation difficult

sorbet cream 56
Interpretation of the dream: family discussions

break the ice 31
Translation: poor luck in love

cream pie 73
Dream description: pleasant novelty

ice wine 52
Meaning: secret meeting