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Spread jam on bread. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Spread jam on bread. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Spread the jam 41
Meaning of the dream: romantic adventure

Apricot jam 64

cherries' jam 78

peach jam 47

fond of jam 39

jam tart 76

Strawberry jam 54

jam brown 53

blueberry jam 79

pears jam 80

Plum jam 46

black cherry jam 27
Description: take better care of yourself

spread 6
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and recognition

spread the ashes 37
Translation: grief for relatives

spread false 35
Dream description: difficulties of an economic

spread knowledge 26
Meaning: misunderstanding in the family

spread a doctrine 52
Translation of the dream: quality artistic

spread disease 12
Interpretation: melancholy

ink spread 87
Sense of the dream: snarl extended

spread resin 38
What does it mean: momentary loss


spread the sawdust 18
Meaning of the dream: dispersive activities

spread tallow 36
Description: reconciliation family

spread butter 19
Interpretation of the dream: choice to make

spread a tablecloth 61
Translation: evidence of sympathy

spread a blanket 90
Dream description: great ideas

spread a carpet 43
Meaning: fanciful dreams

spread their legs 65

hell with spread wings 12
Interpretation: despair

gall spread in the body 3
Sense of the dream: anger against domestic quarrels in the family, loss in the game, for the attack of thieves

bread 30
What does it mean: you will have a lot of patience before projects are to be successful

see bread 63
Meaning of the dream: speculation advantageous

plenty of bread 84
Description: combination cheated

to toast bread 15
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

crumple bread 35
Translation: friendships safe

slice bread 80
Dream description: abundance and richness

morsel of bread 15
Meaning: expressions of sympathy

famine of bread 15
Translation of the dream: risks and difficulties

consecrate the bread 88
Interpretation: courage and confidence

bread crust 88
Sense of the dream: good and profitable business

distribute bread 67
What does it mean: profitable activities

Sharing your bread 50
Meaning of the dream: optimism and confidence

slices of bread 34
Description: still work

oven with bread 50
Interpretation of the dream: Earnings from different sources

bake bread 52
Translation: wellness and health

use of yeast in bread 74
Dream description: unexpected luck

cupboard with bread 56
Meaning: serenity of mind

bite bread 66
Translation of the dream: devotion to family

eat bread 60
Interpretation: balance and good health

knead bread 2
Sense of the dream: well-paid job

baking bread 26
What does it mean: constancy in the affections