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Spider ladder brother. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Spider ladder brother. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ladder 9
Meaning of the dream: economic achievements

Firefighters on the ladder 20
Description: self-confidence

hold a ladder 19
Interpretation of the dream: fight with oneself

stand on a ladder 62
Translation: personal success

climb a ladder 27
Dream description: attainable goal

rope ladder 12
Meaning: great emotions

ladder to pegs 35
Translation of the dream: economic achievements

folding ladder 80
Interpretation: energy to use

broken ladder 31
Sense of the dream: embarrassments and difficulties

fall from a ladder 1
What does it mean: deceptions secrets

iron ladder 19
Meaning of the dream: I hard to work but will bear fruit

spider 88
Description: quarrels, discussions

see a spider 76
Interpretation of the dream: mental laziness

spider on him 11
Translation: selfish concerns

see spider webs 84
Dream description: enmities secret

cobweb with the spider 30
Meaning: danger of exploitation

spider on the wall 83
Translation of the dream: important letters

spider in the bed 39
Interpretation: intransigence exaggerated

Spider day 39
Sense of the dream: trouble with superiors

spider at night 18
What does it mean: money coming

spider weaving 84
Meaning of the dream: hidden enemies

crush a spider 62
Description: serenity of spirit

dead spider 61
Interpretation of the dream: victory over an enemy

water spider 38
Translation: critical moments

Spider sea 81
Dream description: spiritual understanding

spider leg 44

spider crushed 76
Translation of the dream: inability to deal with problems

spider on the ceiling 36

spider that takes flies 40
Sense of the dream: unpleasant mishaps

spider catching flies 9

spider that makes the canvas 67

go with a brother 35
Description: self confidence

brother 89
Interpretation of the dream: you know yourself

help a brother 7
Translation: fortitude

look like brother 59

kill a brother 88
Meaning: susceptibility excessive

brother arrested 60
Translation of the dream: stop in business

kiss a brother 80
Interpretation: thwarted love

slander a brother 2
Sense of the dream: loss of security

coat brother 75
What does it mean: prosperity conquered

caress brother 60
Meaning of the dream: postponement of projects

belt by Brother 40
Description: lengthy negotiations

confide in a brother 49
Interpretation of the dream: fighting spirit and tenacity

congratulate a brother 89
Translation: projects unfeasible

accompanied with Brother 84
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

older brother 86
Meaning: pride and courage

younger brother 28
Translation of the dream: disagreement with his father

brother dead 58
Interpretation: good novelty