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Soldier ceramics. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Soldier ceramics. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Japanese ceramics 24
Meaning of the dream: disappointments

Italian ceramics 48
Description: unwelcome complications

Chinese ceramics 76
Interpretation of the dream: aid to give

American ceramic 16
Translation: unhappiness and worries

Soldier railway 67
Dream description: great dignity

The Unknown Soldier 40
Meaning: live in a poor environment

girl soldier 83
Translation of the dream: It must be less intrusive

belt soldier 38
Interpretation: false flattery

soldier shot 28
Sense of the dream: incomprehension and discontent

ration soldier 73
What does it mean: good deeds

soldier in battle 29
Meaning of the dream: distrust in the near

uniform soldier 12
Description: good social skills

handmade pottery 20
Interpretation of the dream: suspicions justified

brave soldier 41
Translation: Arrival news

soldier with rifle 71
Dream description: News coming soon

ceramic art 78
Meaning: Safety and Decision

disarm a soldier 90
Translation of the dream: new social relations

cap soldier 6
Interpretation: flexible mind

soldier son 24
Sense of the dream: ambitions fulfilled

toy soldier 50
What does it mean: you'll face some risks

soldier of fortune 13
Meaning of the dream: strength of character

pottery for cooking 2
Description: suspicions unjust

wounded soldier 75
Interpretation of the dream: small regret

sell pottery 78
Translation: good business

infantry soldier 43
Dream description: good news

breaking pottery 77
Meaning: Discussions with family

disguise himself as a soldier 50
Translation of the dream: adventurous temperament

ceramic 8
Interpretation: fragility of views

buy pottery 53
Sense of the dream: small gains

haul of soldier 6
What does it mean: interesting proposals

fellow soldier 11
Meaning of the dream: opposition in family

12 - Smorfia classic: soldier 12

dreds (soldierly jargon) 88
Interpretation of the dream: confusion

imprison soldiers 17
Translation: irritation and nervousness

soil with mud 52
Dream description: profit

deserve hatred 62
Meaning: Never exceed suffering

deserve the gratitude 45
Translation of the dream: challenging activities

receptacle 50
Interpretation: welfare

steam boiler 47
Sense of the dream: discontent passengers

noise of crockery 48
What does it mean: happy moments

earthenware bowl 38
Meaning of the dream: hidden rivalry

inkstand earthenware 15
Description: wellness and health

earthenware pitcher 79
Interpretation of the dream: momentary depressions

break crockery 14
Translation: unexpected novelty

see porcelain 2
Dream description: you re living a very delicate situation

seamanship 64
Meaning: dispersion of forces

soldiers to stay 89
Translation of the dream: next trip

artilleryman 44
Interpretation: Love at Large

kitchen crockery 29
Sense of the dream: prosperity and health

pulley porcelain 5
What does it mean: Financial disinterest

watering porcelain 4
Meaning of the dream: wounded pride

soldiers 12
Description: a bond of affection or even love will end up too much pride

see soldiers 36
Interpretation of the dream: results stimulants

negotiate porcelain objects 90
Translation: gain