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Snow on rooftops. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Snow on rooftops. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

walking on the roofs 41
Meaning of the dream: You will find the way to success

fly over the rooftops 19
Description: emotional disturbances

snow 17
Interpretation of the dream: for a farmer, abundant harvest. for others, substantial gains in labor

Hood Snow 54
Translation: family relations thesis

Snow on the footprint 67
Dream description: inner conflicts

snow on the ground 57
Meaning: relationships relaxing

dirty snow 4
Translation of the dream: discretion and prudence

amassing snow 9
Interpretation: you so stubbornly

flocking snow 29
Sense of the dream: achievements difficult

Snow piled 88
What does it mean: satisfactions and gains

Cyclone snow 39
Meaning of the dream: change of situation

snow off season 90
Description: windfall gains

powdery snow 84
Interpretation of the dream: momentary whim

frozen snow 70
Translation: doubts tormenting

deep snow 65
Dream description: inconstancy affections

walking on snow 41
Meaning: provocations by subject

crawling on the snow 20
Translation of the dream: physical discomfort

sliding on the snow 7
Interpretation: coldness in love

falling snow 56
Sense of the dream: unexpected novelty

ditch with snow 78
What does it mean: lack of ideas

flock of snow 29
Meaning of the dream: emotional shallowness

vintage snow 64
Description: manic depression

mountains with snow 82
Interpretation of the dream: major help

chilled by snow 36
Translation: realization of hopes

campaign with snow 75
Dream description: economic improvement

January with snow 27
Meaning: experience

bank of snow 2
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

ice or snow 4
Interpretation: prosperity in your business

little snow 67
Sense of the dream: poverty, financial difficulties

mass of snow 12
What does it mean: adventures difficult

shovelful of snow 89
Meaning of the dream: painful contrasts

see snow 78
Description: unexpected novelty

roll in the snow 8
Interpretation of the dream: favors denied

footprint in the snow 67
Translation: small changes

road with snow 85
Dream description: hard time

snow avalanche 51
Meaning: impressionability and nervousness

the amount of snow 71
Translation of the dream: enmities with women

snowflake 41
Interpretation: passion contrasted

alps with snow 16
Sense of the dream: struggles to deal

much snow 10
What does it mean: small woes

frozen to death in the snow 65
Meaning of the dream: intentions tenacious

snow storm 72
Description: misunderstanding in love

Snow day 22
Interpretation of the dream: challenges to overcome

winter Snow 18
Translation: lost objects

snowman 18
Dream description: dynamism messy

Snow White 56
Meaning: Your passion has surprised you

snowball 87
Translation of the dream: questions of love

snow-covered mountain 7
Interpretation: Please obtained

snowflake patterned 10
Sense of the dream: Advances in career

tarring roofs 50
What does it mean: enthusiasm for new projects

snowfield 7
Meaning of the dream: sweeping changes

snowman card 13
Description: rivalry in love

snowman cartoon 80
Interpretation of the dream: scenes of jealousy

sleet 69
Translation: benevolent people

snowy night 51
Dream description: doubts tormenting

tiles on the roof 78
Meaning: reward waiting

snowcovered balcony 19
Translation of the dream: unexpected gains