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Sisters bad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Sisters bad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sisters 75
Meaning of the dream: disunion

communion of sisters 79
Description: Failure of a deal

quarrel between sisters 45
Interpretation of the dream: distorted perspectives family

rations bad 7
Translation: sighs of love

discord among sisters 55
Dream description: depression

bad ears 75
Meaning: help from a friend

bad references 72
Translation of the dream: unexpected advances

bad customers 50
Interpretation: physical exhaustion

bad nerves 59
Sense of the dream: nothing can stop the moment of good fortune that awaits the dreamer, gain and prosperity

eat bad foods 20
What does it mean: mild moodiness

be on bad terms 7
Meaning of the dream: slow progress

encounter bad 38
Description: obstinacy dangerous

bad eyes 25
Interpretation of the dream: Patience and perseverance

receive bad wishes 39
Translation: do not listen to those who want to hurt you

bad morning 88
Dream description: delicate situation

bad 61
Meaning: persecution

drink bad 35
Translation of the dream: disillusionment

hang out bad friends 30
Interpretation: confusing situation

be in bad relationships 34
Sense of the dream: hidden desires

show bad 14
What does it mean: need for greater elasticity

bad son 80
Meaning of the dream: collaborators interesting

tortuous, bad 23
Description: the opposite

bad habits 27
Interpretation of the dream: considered action

bad teeth 20
Translation: misunderstandings in family

bad for the gum 66
Dream description: do not trust the friends that you are neighbors

bad advice 35
Meaning: lack of initiative

agreed bad 42
Translation of the dream: boldness and energy

chewing bad 60
Interpretation: do not forget an offense received

jailer bad 35
Sense of the dream: businesses difficult

bad character 37
What does it mean: friction with employees

bad companion 68
Meaning of the dream: wrong operations

bad horse 69
Description: You conquer someone

look bad 38
Interpretation of the dream: rebellion useless

animal bad 66
Translation: lack of patience with young people

stepfather bad 24
Dream description: contrasts with family

talking bad 82
Meaning: motions of anger

bad parent 55
Translation of the dream: given proper credit to those around you

bad father 22
Interpretation: physical endurance

bad complexion 8
Sense of the dream: relationships relaxing

apartment bad 7
What does it mean: successful economic projects

bad thoughts 7
Meaning of the dream: readiness and intuition

baked loaf bad 43
Description: discouragement of short duration

hearing bad 43
Interpretation of the dream: all you will stay dark

bad friend 6
Translation: You are able to bail you out

get a bad result 51
Dream description: achieving a goal

tenor who sings bad 68
Meaning: discovery of intrigue

abbess of a monastery bad 88
Translation of the dream: pleasure

report card with bad ratings 23
Interpretation: conflicts with superiors

bad dream 71
Sense of the dream: social prestige

bad teaching 49
What does it mean: deception of friends

bad way 18
Meaning of the dream: blessings and honors