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Send a gift. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Send a gift. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Send a gift 7
Meaning of the dream: tormenting suspicions

send away 76
Description: You get mad

to send 28
Interpretation of the dream: loss to the game

send thanks 66
Translation: Fortunately in social life

send 56
Dream description: trying to harm

send a check 13
Meaning: health recovered

send luggage 19
Translation of the dream: difficulties in work


send trunk 19
Interpretation: difficulties in business

send correspondence 70
Sense of the dream: duties to perform

send out alerts 76
What does it mean: unforeseen novelty

send out photographs 38
Meaning of the dream: determining actions

send a cablegram 33
Description: novelty underway

send a sign 61
Interpretation of the dream: infamy

send gifts 3
Translation: uncontrolled actions

send money 65
Dream description: momentary embarrassment

send letters 73
Meaning: intrigue hidden

send wishes 42
Translation of the dream: new hope

send a letter 38
Interpretation: serenity of ideas

send a curse 80
Sense of the dream: serious illness

send the goods 29
What does it mean: resolutions fragile

send a package 1
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

send a pack 30
Description: reliable information

send in peace 69
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant disputes

send retired 87
Translation: rupture of relations

send a envelope 80
Dream description: liveliness and energy

send a perfume 8
Meaning: Please unstable


send a messenger 78
Translation of the dream: you re concerned about the one you love

send core down 49
Interpretation: accept unreservedly the one you love

send the registered 9
Sense of the dream: visit relatives

send report 81
What does it mean: negative experience

send the magazine 70
Meaning of the dream: new experiences

send newspapers 30
Description: unforeseen expenses

send a telegram 31
Interpretation of the dream: swashbuckling adventures

send cards 60
Translation: long-term projects

send by express 35
Dream description: Unexpected help

send by air 78
Meaning: novelty coming

send the petition 8
Translation of the dream: confusion of ideas

send grapes 60
Interpretation: unwillingness

send the suitcase 19
Sense of the dream: tough business

send messages 88

gift 3
Meaning of the dream: reward

useful gift 56
Description: imprudent adventures

send their children in the colony 27
Interpretation of the dream: pension and savings

send condolences in writing 85
Translation: loss to the game

receive or send a dispatch 77
Dream description: mishaps

send a money order 37
Meaning: threads to return

send money orders 70
Translation of the dream: waste of money

get a toy as a gift 3
Interpretation: happiness

reciprocate a gift 10
Sense of the dream: sudden change

gift from a woman 52
What does it mean: friendship

gift from a girl 6
Meaning of the dream: contrariness

gift from a child 90
Description: tribulations

gift from a man 14
Interpretation of the dream: good view, happy

generous gift 38
Translation: contrasts and bitterness

offer a gift 73
Dream description: careless actions

promise a gift 45
Meaning: important meetings

Gift of Perfume 51
Translation of the dream: reactions rash

receive a gift 31
Interpretation: delight

buy a gift 40
Sense of the dream: momentary discouragement

make a gift 16
What does it mean: precipitous actions

Gift useless 70
Meaning of the dream: important decision

expensive gift 8
Description: enabling environment

modest gift 82
Interpretation of the dream: sincere affection

reject a gift 65
Translation: obstinacy

postpone a gift 1
Dream description: haughtiness

unwrapping a gift 72
Meaning: deceptive illusion

gift albums 76

unexpected gift 90

gift package 18

gift box 76

Gift books 10

Gift gold 2

gift paintings 19

deserved gift 66

birthday gift 77

Gift silver 11

gift of money 65

receive doll as a gift 66
Interpretation: consolations of old friends