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Results wait. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Results wait. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

results of investigations 89
Meaning of the dream: request for cooperation

customers wait 81
Description: difficulties of adaptation

wait in the vestibule 67
Interpretation of the dream: success merits

wait in an airport arrival 42
Translation: safety in the future

people wait 47
Dream description: limited economic possibilities

wait in the car 69
Meaning: success in business

wait at a bus stop 24
Translation of the dream: inability to fight

Returns 40
Interpretation: make progress in their work

wait a woman 45
Sense of the dream: discrete news

wait novelty 31
What does it mean: programs to change

wait for 63
Meaning of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

wait for the rest 75
Description: complex to be overcome

wait for verdict 70
Interpretation of the dream: serious problem to be solved

wait a relative 75
Translation: mortification

wait a Friend 16
Dream description: Good news

wait a lover 37
Meaning: bad intentions

wait for the coincidence 4
Translation of the dream: new favors from a friendship

wait for the tram 73
Interpretation: aid determinants

wait for a signal 76
Sense of the dream: troubling news

wait for the evening 76
What does it mean: arrogance of employees

wait a man 64
Meaning of the dream: Good news

to wait in the hall 32
Description: quarrels

wait long 89
Interpretation of the dream: serious thoughts and worries

waiting for an answer 58
Translation: next hassles

Scientific findings 39
Dream description: sudden success

result 84
Meaning: dispersive activities

happy outcome 54
Translation of the dream: moodiness and contrasts

predict an outcome 64
Interpretation: pleasant surprises

lie in wait 21
Sense of the dream: betrayal and falsehood

look forward 28
What does it mean: internal conflict

get a bad result 51
Meaning of the dream: achieving a goal

get a good result 3
Description: nervous tension

toast to the outcome of a study 24
Interpretation of the dream: sweeping changes

clinical finding 57
Translation: good health

bricklayers 24
Dream description: good luck

sports performance 60
Meaning: You are in good health

hold 58
Translation of the dream: discord in the family

unfortunate outcome 32
Interpretation: Fortunately in social life

obtain a result 2
Sense of the dream: late news

The negative outcome 5
What does it mean: do you feel lonely

result of an operation 19
Meaning of the dream: encouragement and satisfaction

see work bricklayers 62
Description: optimal health

result of a problem 34
Interpretation of the dream: inner serenity

disappointment for a result 66
Translation: dispersive activities

saying hello with your hands 2
Dream description: brilliant statement

shelve hopes 12
Meaning: economic security

acknowledge receipt 28
Translation of the dream: friction in the family

assert 21
Interpretation: Useful experiences

affirm the true 20
Sense of the dream: Useful experiences

affirm a principle 60
What does it mean: dangerous stubbornness

affirm an idea 9
Meaning of the dream: jealousy discovery

enfranchise 58
Description: unlucky in love

kill despair 77
Interpretation of the dream: new openings in business

unexpected announcement 86
Translation: demonstration of good faith