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Relieve neck. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Relieve neck. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Relieve pain 81
Meaning of the dream: Unexpected Journey

dislocate the neck 74
Description: agreement difficult

goiter neck 4
Interpretation of the dream: death

ruffle neck 53
Translation: Special message for you

the bird's neck 39
Dream description: missteps enemies

kiss on the neck 79
Meaning: actions inconclusive

injured neck 49
Translation of the dream: new hope

bull neck 65
Interpretation: be happy

take to the neck 87
Sense of the dream: rupture of relations

long neck 65
What does it mean: sick passenger

neck animal 36
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

wen in the neck 38
Description: squabbles interest

wash your neck 86
Interpretation of the dream: good health

soaping his neck 90
Translation: financial damage

short neck 90
Dream description: misplaced trust

powder her neck 26
Meaning: request for help

neck 1
Translation of the dream: ambition or next legacy

have three heads on one neck 3
Interpretation: honor, strength and heading to the wearer

neck lace 64
Sense of the dream: serious embarrassment and perplexity

burning his neck 84
What does it mean: you'll have a beautiful wife

giraffe with a very long neck 6
Meaning of the dream: look around with distrust

stiff neck 60
Description: probable birth

ease the conscience 88
Interpretation of the dream: help needed

crewneck 20
Translation: You want to get rid of something that oppresses

neckerchief 87
Dream description: position compromised

collar 64
Meaning: numerous honors

lighten expenses 76
Translation of the dream: good days

soothe pain 11
Interpretation: false information

lighten the evils 10
Sense of the dream: obstinacy and nervousness

bottleneck 7
What does it mean: balance

neckerchiefs 1
Meaning of the dream: be careful, you have enemies

throat hurts 26
Description: profitable sales

throat with goiter 27
Interpretation of the dream: short illness

give relief to no avail 2
Translation: loss of a faithful friend

unburden 8
Dream description: next joy

headlong into the void 89
Meaning: news good

vent 17
Translation of the dream: need for a greater commitment

vent anger 52
Interpretation: need for a greater commitment

bring relief 19
Sense of the dream: reckless actions

throat 8
What does it mean: Danger averted

relief efforts 2
Meaning of the dream: fears

seek relief 39
Description: little understanding

breathe of relief 20
Interpretation of the dream: good health

instep 40
Translation: fight with opponents

offer relief 15
Dream description: news from afar

urinate with relief 5
Meaning: resolution of some emotional blocks

release a man 20
Translation of the dream: Danger averted

liberate goods 82
Interpretation: important protections

man's throat 76
Sense of the dream: Adventure happy

drunken glutton 73
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

liberate abroad 28
Meaning of the dream: sense of unease

throat ill 69
Description: false hopes, adventurous projects will not give anything positive