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Recent event. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Recent event. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Recent event 47
Meaning of the dream: you regret the past

recent discovery 74
Description: meeting interesting

recent birth 20
Interpretation of the dream: novelty welcome

recent examination 4
Translation: confused

recent 74
Dream description: invitation to accept

exciting event 74

good event Command 14

describe an event 61
Interpretation: visits annoying

recent death 12
Sense of the dream: serenity of mind

future event 60
What does it mean: concerns

event alarming 39
Meaning of the dream: evil-minded friends

celebrate an event 2
Description: rapid rise

guide to an event 19
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstanding in the family

tragic event 82
Translation: danger of breakage

match (sports event) 39
Dream description: friendships helpful

recent news 80
Meaning: invitation to accept

prohibit an event 78
Translation of the dream: appropriate measures

little study 8
Interpretation: emotional crisis

pay the last installment 45
Sense of the dream: excellent outcome

tragedy 16
What does it mean: improvement in business

witness to a miracle 54
Meaning of the dream: change of life by the work of a good person

Last Rites 70

collect the last breath of someone 11
Interpretation of the dream: wrongs to be repaired

last resort 7
Translation: serenity of mind

penultimate 89

last hour 90
Meaning: good health

dance hall 22
Translation of the dream: emotional problems

receive extreme unction 45
Interpretation: new hope

final act 69

miracle 66
What does it mean: laziness and lack of motivation

concert hall 23
Meaning of the dream: strong character and determination

phenomenon 90
Description: serious damage

miracle worker 61

human phenomenon 3

disputed facts 3
Dream description: Understanding difficult

living phenomenon 25

wet rag 70

rare phenomenon 39
Interpretation: Waiting in vain

abnormal phenomenon 76

choose rag 4
What does it mean: willingness weak

rag burned 10
Meaning of the dream: new force

telling facts 41

rag salty 68
Interpretation of the dream: sure intuition

cloth rag 70
Translation: important change

rag ragged 29

make a miracle 11
Meaning: someone is trying to cheat you

attending a function in the synagogue 20
Translation of the dream: intellectual interests

miracle view it 85

rag (sauce) 18
Sense of the dream: noisy chatter of females

operate a miracle 4
What does it mean: naivety

see a miracle 85
Meaning of the dream: changes in life thanks to people who love you

rag doll 31
Description: Useful experiences

face facts 68
Interpretation of the dream: adjustment of contrast

season with rag 54
Translation: needs of relatives

rag bolt head 36

survive a catastrophe 3
Meaning: Your optimism will help you

reveal the facts of the other 43
Translation of the dream: friendship renewed

lauded 25

lurking discovered 54

knight praised 55

smuggler discovered 18

gunman sought 54
Description: pay more attention to the things you do

perspicacity 42

singer applauded 71
Translation: extravagant spending

liar discovered 38

informer discovered 38

cheater discovered 72

appropriator discovered 3

cesspool discovered 9
Sense of the dream: hopes realized