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read again 88
Meaning of the dream: Work in progress

Read the Bible 36
Description: spirit discreet

written leaflet 64
Interpretation of the dream: extra earnings

read printed 64
Translation: lost love

read quietly 48
Dream description: News coming soon

read a poem 6
Meaning: business proposition

read short story 48
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

read a program 81
Interpretation: favorable events

read his tombstone 41
Sense of the dream: issues to be forgotten

read 6
What does it mean: a shocking secret will come out

read the paper 88
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

now reading 24
Description: lightheartedness

prospectus 76
Interpretation of the dream: not be so dreamy

read announcements 16
Translation: dishonor

read brochures 20
Dream description: morbid curiosity

read verses 10
Meaning: mental clarity

read the gospel 53
Translation of the dream: good intentions

begin to read 81
Interpretation: troubling news

read letters 38
Sense of the dream: good news

etiquette read 80
What does it mean: intelligence vivid

read a manuscript 69
Meaning of the dream: obstacles in work

read a diary 3
Description: you hanker

read a proverb 4
Interpretation of the dream: good advice

read a breviary 81
Translation: agreements that are successful

read the judgment 30
Dream description: false situation

read the writings 60
Meaning: good luck

read in Latin 4
Translation of the dream: desire to escape

read the magazine 50
Interpretation: willingness labile

read a letter 9
Sense of the dream: bitter budget

unable to read 77
What does it mean: deceit and slander

read your address 22
Meaning of the dream: Announcements

read on the veranda 55
Description: perfect agreement in family

pleasant reading 16
Interpretation of the dream: harsh discipline

read science fiction books 66
Translation: unexpected good news

reading novel 12
Dream description: distraction, ephemeral pleasures

read out 23
Meaning: hopes achievable

learning to read 2
Translation of the dream: achievable business

read a novel 37
Interpretation: balance and common sense

read a post 4
Sense of the dream: lack of privacy

read a placard 51
What does it mean: work without fruit

reading a poem 75
Meaning of the dream: cheerful

read a proclamation 8
Description: rivalry to deal

absorbed in reading 52
Interpretation of the dream: family quarrels

walking reading 29
Translation: Be careful in work

read a story 19
Dream description: untimely criticism

read a book 54
Meaning: poor luck material

map reading 34
Translation of the dream: I gave you my precise instructions

pleasant reading books 32
Interpretation: comfort and peace

exercise book 16
Sense of the dream: you are not of strong character

sheets 33
What does it mean: Little satisfaction

see Beelzebub 11
Meaning of the dream: bad news or treason

Refer to a friend 40
Description: happy marriage

torn sheets 56
Interpretation of the dream: risks inadvisable

written sheets 65
Translation: commitments female workers difficult

hemming sheets 17
Dream description: pitfall to be avoided

scribble sheets 68
Meaning: sense of inferiority