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President of the republic. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream President of the Republic. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

halberdier President 18
Meaning of the dream: windfall

reelect a president 18
Description: friendships helpful

petition to the President 50
Interpretation of the dream: impulses to follow

republic 90
Translation: personal misery

Democratic Republic 86
Dream description: friendships

aristocratic republic 46
Meaning: broken promises

class president 20
Translation of the dream: You will acquire an unexpected power

chair of universities 60
Interpretation: affected quiet

mayor 28
Sense of the dream: many business

Republican newspaper 4
What does it mean: sentimentalism

new chair 37
Meaning of the dream: work hard

Chair with Professor 69
Description: decisions to make

presidential 37
Interpretation of the dream: original ideas

presidency 40
Translation: will and decision

constitution 35
Dream description: you'll have plenty wellbeing

Republican banner 5
Meaning: need protection belonging and security

attorney 55
Translation of the dream: not to entrust foreign aid

Republican embassy 9
Interpretation: some travel

abbot 27
Sense of the dream: harbinger of doom

foreman 20
What does it mean: period of high job strain

boss 36
Meaning of the dream: fear of the judgment of an influential person or of a superior

Provost 7
Description: blessings and honors

archdeacon 71
Interpretation of the dream: encouraging results

tailcoat 5
Translation: humility

be an abbot 48
Dream description: contrasts

be mayor 80
Meaning: advice to give

editor in chief 45
Translation of the dream: limited benefits

hot head 18
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

dead head 16
Sense of the dream: need for caution

head of garlic 16
What does it mean: love to be loved

deputy mayor 17
Meaning of the dream: small solvable problems

chief town 56
Description: obstacles to get around

Head of Post 52
Interpretation of the dream: News coming soon

head of year 1
Translation: sobriety and concentration

head bandaged 21
Dream description: troublesome people coming

head boy 53
Meaning: sudden discovery

head hunting 73
Translation of the dream: petty reactions

head guard 71
Interpretation: protection to be granted

take head 48
Sense of the dream: violent incidents

deputy chief 51
What does it mean: messy business

abbot crying 54
Meaning of the dream: New appointments

Grinding head 83
Description: surprise from friends

old abbot 38
Interpretation of the dream: eventful period

head of work 15
Translation: earnings

head of cotton 39
Dream description: you can buy things you want

helmsman head 17
Meaning: unjust slander

Section Head 47
Translation of the dream: disease

ill abbot 74
Interpretation: Fortunately incoming

head bloodied 60
Sense of the dream: discord with women

Mayor speaking 75
What does it mean: temporary irritation

Abbot horse 18
Meaning of the dream: joy in family

Abbot dancing 63
Description: Good news

Abbot with dead 18
Interpretation of the dream: mild illness

drunk abbot 51
Translation: luck in the profession

head herd 27
Dream description: new forces

swollen head 79
Meaning: disease

dead abbot 11
Translation of the dream: dangers