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Pope blessing the children. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Pope blessing the children. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blessing 23
Meaning of the dream: happiness and joy

receive the blessing 60
Description: intuitive intelligence

give the blessing 89
Interpretation of the dream: need for economies

paternal blessing 83
Translation: opening new horizons in the family

motherly blessing 58
Dream description: understanding towards others

Papal Blessing 90
Meaning: achievement of ideals

blessing of the confessor 13
Translation of the dream: judgments too conventional

blessing of homes 53
Interpretation: excessive attention to detail

blessing of a flag 20
Sense of the dream: irresistible attraction

blessing of a society 66
What does it mean: versatile nature

Cardinal blessing 50
Meaning of the dream: important proposals

christ blessing 40
Description: personal success

pastor blessing 41
Interpretation of the dream: love for beauty

religious blessing 41
Translation: esthetic sense

blessing with the relic 80

blessing of the bishop 40

blessing soldiers 45

Carmelite blessing 4

Archdeacon blessing 38

Franciscan blessing 21

Pope 58
Meaning of the dream: misfortune, sad and mournful event

be the pope 88
Description: joy and peace

see the pope 7
Interpretation of the dream: serenity of spirit

go with the Pope 48

acclaim the Pope 5
Dream description: good news

worship the Pope 65
Meaning: favorable changes

altar with the pope 3
Translation of the dream: benevolence of the elderly

talk to the Pope 90
Interpretation: clarification of issues

Pope in audience 21
Sense of the dream: appreciation flattering

Pope in procession 16
What does it mean: Achieving a popular destination

Pope Enthroned 9
Meaning of the dream: new ideas to be realized

Pope walk 3
Description: ardor and exuberance

Pope among the cardinals 6
Interpretation of the dream: strong attachment to traditions

Pope to the balcony 70
Translation: fruitful relationships

Pope preaches 17
Dream description: programs pleasant

Pope ill 48
Meaning: moments of agitation

Pope died 85
Translation of the dream: fluke

election of the pope 30
Interpretation: happy new possibilities

petition to the Pope 18
Sense of the dream: satisfactory achievements

throne with the pope 5
What does it mean: new hope

Pope cap 31

hat by Pope 8

Church with Pope 83

grace of the pope 8

Emperor with the pope 31

coronation of Pope 80

Memorial Pope 50

Pope confesses 6

Pope who marries 63

Pope hurt 88

absolution of the pope 43

Pope at the council 66

Pope attack 90

Pope with cardinals 43

Pope in function 81

Pope visit 54

kissing the ring to the pope 11
Translation of the dream: strong impressionability

Pope celebrates Mass 10
Interpretation: hours of intense joy

tiara on his head to the pope 87
Sense of the dream: new spiritual interests

away from children 60
What does it mean: apathy

see many children 12
Meaning of the dream: difficulties in life

want children 60
Description: discomfort and nervousness

be children 46
Interpretation of the dream: riches

many children 18
Translation: responsibility

children are able 34

abandon their children 65
Meaning: next sorrows

plenty of children 44
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

embrace children 47
Interpretation: next novelty

embrace the children 5
Sense of the dream: news reserved

hovel with children 90
What does it mean: passing clouds

fondle children 11
Meaning of the dream: discomforts

crouch children 19
Description: speculations dangerous

angry with children 24
Interpretation of the dream: discord with friends

adopt children 9
Translation: good luck

entrusting children 17
Dream description: hassles and worries

overcrowding of children 28
Meaning: restlessness unjustified

raising children 3
Translation of the dream: Confident business

wrangle with children 84
Interpretation: self-confidence

love the children 90
Sense of the dream: trust in relatives