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People in the cemetery. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream People in the cemetery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cemetery 6
Meaning of the dream: discarded aspects of yourself

see a cemetery 75
Description: illness in the family

pray at the cemetery 80
Interpretation of the dream: esteem and recognition

coffin in the cemetery 90
Translation: confidences dangerous

accompany the cemetery 32
Dream description: aid from friends

go to the cemetery 66
Meaning: Deception by friends

widow to the cemetery 30
Translation of the dream: slight indisposition

old cemetery 62
Interpretation: refused service

priest to the cemetery 69
Sense of the dream: rapid business

corpse to the cemetery 90
What does it mean: sudden obstacle

transported to the cemetery 80
Meaning of the dream: waivers unnecessary

cemetery illuminated 23
Description: risky business

be in the cemetery 89
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

widower at cemetery 20
Translation: commitments to be

walking in the cemetery 7
Dream description: next person s disease relative

happy people 56
Meaning: a lot of movement

bombed a cemetery 64
Translation of the dream: receipts of money

Protestant cemetery 38
Interpretation: presumption

religious cemetery 6
Sense of the dream: easy chords

visit a cemetery 68
What does it mean: unnecessary worries

Cemetery city 66
Meaning of the dream: changing health

cemetery with flowers 13
Description: indecision dangerous

new cemetery 12
Interpretation of the dream: good friendship nearby

People in church 31
Translation: high hopes

cemetery opened 28
Dream description: unwillingness

cemetery closed 77
Meaning: favorable relations

People at the station 5
Translation of the dream: weakness of character

people on the street 4
Interpretation: ephemeral joys

people 30
Sense of the dream: tranquility of mind

Cemetery country 19
What does it mean: sorrows short

people on the run 83
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

people wait 47
Description: limited economic possibilities

disturb people 64
Interpretation of the dream: new relationships

tie people 76
Translation: trouble judicial

People at the cinema 60
Dream description: physical weakness

scare people 54
Meaning: family feud

grab people 61
Translation of the dream: reconciliation work

people who cackles 67
Interpretation: sorrows and worries

People in the square 31
Sense of the dream: joy and satisfaction

see many people 17
What does it mean: health and safety

see bearded people 45
Meaning of the dream: anger to deal nuanced

people cast 66
Description: love of neighbor

southern people 1
Interpretation of the dream: time of cheer

pessimistic people 70
Translation: you have so much strength and courage

chaining people 26
Dream description: victory over enemies

People filing 70
Meaning: misunderstandings and trouble

People whisper 30
Translation of the dream: someone who would like to know you seem unattainable

sacristy full of people 84
Interpretation: happy choice

entrance of a graveyard 5
Sense of the dream: ambition realized

incite people 51
What does it mean: advice received

hit people 19
Meaning of the dream: severe pain

cheat people 54
Description: strange situations

tram with people 66
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental adventure

reconcile people irate 5
Translation: misfortune