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Pearl necklace. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Pearl necklace. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Pearl necklace 90
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

necklace 87
Description: suffer unjust action

gem necklace 65
Interpretation of the dream: too much haste in acting

gold necklace 88
Translation: good intuition

necklace found 53

bring necklace 38
Meaning: career advancement

broken necklace 59

shining necklace 32
Interpretation: pleasant adventures

garnet necklace 4
Sense of the dream: luck and prosperity

steal necklace 44
What does it mean: failure and damage

amber necklace 7
Meaning of the dream: financial damage

necklace false 55
Description: ambiguous relationships

buy necklace 70
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

pearl diver 33
Translation: shock and disappointment

Coral Necklace 38
Dream description: honest work

pearl bracelet 77
Meaning: morbid affections

lose necklace 47
Translation of the dream: efforts in work

give the necklace 74
Interpretation: impulsive actions

Silver Necklace 11
Sense of the dream: morbid restlessness

find the necklace 6
What does it mean: backbiting and gossip

flower necklace 7
Meaning of the dream: melancholy passing

on a sapphire necklace 17
Description: moral force

Pendant pearls 41

cultivating pearls 56
Translation: fake friends

row of pearls 55

take pearls 45
Meaning: sadness and disappointment

sell pearls 65
Translation of the dream: painful betrayal

buying pearls 5
Interpretation: economic difficulties

seal with pearls 43

ribbon with pearls 20

Network with pearls 33

Diamond Necklace 46
Description: litigation

tiara with pearls 22
Interpretation of the dream: disturbance in emotional relationships

pearls 90
Translation: help from a friend

amber pearl 56

bonnet with pearls 22

nuptial ring with pearls 32

fake pearl 72

find Pearl 25
Sense of the dream: They will meet sorrows and disappointments

real pearl 90

wear the collar 89
Meaning of the dream: good health and serenity

mother of pearl stud 63

mother of pearl button 90
Interpretation of the dream: cracks and separations

loosen the collar 33
Translation: excessive polemical spirit

Animal Collar 32

ring with pearl 32
Meaning: insult received

pearl 90
Translation of the dream: tears and sadness

interlocking beads 66

give Pearl 38
Sense of the dream: do a snub

slave collar 18

Collar Military 49
Meaning of the dream: good health

dog collar 6
Description: consolation

shell with pearl 37

garland of carnations 80

collar 64
Dream description: numerous honors

garland of flowers 67
Meaning: favorable news and like

garlands of roses 1
Translation of the dream: sadness or bad times

garland painted 15
Interpretation: delusions of grandeur

garland dead 16
Sense of the dream: family trouble

weave garlands 26
What does it mean: welfare and good heart

receive a pearl as a gift 17
Meaning of the dream: financial difficulties

pearl mussel 50
Description: big gains from games of chance

Paper garland 40
Interpretation of the dream: sudden illness

threading beads 90

pearl oyster 70
Dream description: anxieties and penis