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Pastor sleeping. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Pastor sleeping. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pastor blessing 41
Meaning of the dream: love for beauty

pastor who baptizes 16
Description: hopes

bishop pastor 8
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with family

pastor who preaches 61
Translation: expressions of sympathy

canon pastor 37
Dream description: spiritual enlightenment

pastor from dying 9
Meaning: profits and satisfaction

pastor attacked 40
Translation of the dream: oppression

pastor in church 5
Interpretation: protections visible and invisible

pastor who sells cheese 4
Sense of the dream: realization pleased

deer sleeping 18
What does it mean: fear and insecurity

Abbess sleeping 38
Meaning of the dream: unjust attitude

sick sleeping 56
Description: conquest of goods

Abbot sleeping 17
Interpretation of the dream: confidence with your loved one

hunchback sleeping 78
Translation: you are tired and fatigued

shepherd 12
Dream description: joy in family

rustic sleeping 33
Meaning: new initiatives

coachman sleeping 57
Translation of the dream: cunning and mischief

robbed shepherd 43
Interpretation: sick passenger

animal sleeping 4
Sense of the dream: wisdom actions

Goldfinch sleeping 20
What does it mean: economic hardship

ox sleeping 66
Meaning of the dream: hard times

goat sleeping 45
Description: danger of cheating

hound sleeping 32
Interpretation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

inmate sleeping 72
Translation: coldness and calculation

peasant sleeping 66
Dream description: thwarted love

donkey sleeping 32
Meaning: eventful period

canary sleeping 4
Translation of the dream: little annoyances

sleeping train 39
Interpretation: discretion

Archpriest sleeping 11
Sense of the dream: admiration for the elderly

Shepherd milking 2
What does it mean: lucrative job

lying sleeping 7
Meaning of the dream: have faith, believe in yourself

horseback Shepherd 75
Description: Danger averted

shepherd's hut 16
Interpretation of the dream: intense social life

shepherd with flock 15
Translation: successes flattering

shepherd with dog 24
Dream description: sincere affection

Shepherd with lamb 48
Meaning: moment of mental weakness

shepherd assaulted by a wolf 41
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

sleeping brother 47
Interpretation: rebellion useless

sleeping eating 75
Sense of the dream: great future

woman sleeping 37
What does it mean: Negative thoughts

little baby sleeping 17
Meaning of the dream: You re lucky in business

girl sleeping 32
Description: unexpected obstacle

drunk sleeping 61
Interpretation of the dream: happy conclusion

sleeping with her lover 3
Translation: obstinacy dangerous

dog sleeping 32
Dream description: programs to be reviewed

sleeping on straw 80
Meaning: ostentation

sleep with a man 81
Translation of the dream: optimism and confidence

sleeping with his father 23
Interpretation: excessive dynamism

sleeping pill 69
Sense of the dream: misconduct

yawn to sleep 40
What does it mean: exuberance

sleep naked 10
Meaning of the dream: danger of deception

begin to sleep 18
Description: innocent amorous threads

doze off to sleep 54
Interpretation of the dream: Starting close

ask to sleep 76
Translation: fortitude

sleeping with naked person 10
Dream description: reason to fear the trap in which they will be taken

sleep in the shade 57
Meaning: gumption

sleep in the hammock 33
Translation of the dream: mild illness

sleep in the car 40
Interpretation: sudden changes