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Opinions more. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Opinions more

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Opinions more 18
Meaning of the dream: suffering and danger to the family and loved ones

aggressive in their opinions 72
Dream Interpretation: healing

eat Opinions more 40
Meanings of dreams: suffering and even wounds

See Opinions more tree 9
Dream Interpretations: fruitfulness and abundance

countering an opinion 49
What does this mean: conduct fickle

say their opinion 19
What does it mean: next gains

opinion 5
Meaning of the dream: healing

false opinion 77
Dream Interpretation: misgivings

bad opinion 76
Meanings of dreams: intransigence in love

good opinion 47
Dream Interpretations: discontent passengers

Current opinion 52
What does this mean: limited possibilities

give its opinion 34
What does it mean: passive resignation

Opinion of father 60
Meaning of the dream: impulses of the heart to follow

dissenting opinion 30
Dream Interpretation: injustice to forgive

deny an opinion 58
Meanings of dreams: unfair competition

excellent opinion 74