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Olives without bones. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Olives without bones. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

find bones 75
Meaning of the dream: painful contrasts

human bones 66
Description: loss of a loved one

fossil bones 16
Interpretation of the dream: initiative risky

bury bones 78
Translation: misfortune

bones of men 66
Dream description: death of girls

bones of dead 32
Meaning: pains and hardships

gnaw bones 46
Translation of the dream: certain ruin


fish bones 1
Interpretation: problems passengers

Stake bones 61

animal bones 56

broken bones 67

olives 58
Description: fortune

bag of olives 9
Interpretation of the dream: serene privacy

olives on the tree 52
Translation: contract benefit

pick olives 70
Dream description: good job performance

see pick olives 26
Meaning: solutions difficult

buy olives 71
Translation of the dream: sudden emotion

eating olives 62
Interpretation: advantageous offer to be accepted

green olives 29
Sense of the dream: good health

black olives 12
What does it mean: embarrassing reports

olives in oil 42
Meaning of the dream: disappointment with a letter

Cut olives 13
Description: resentments and jealousies

collect olives 34
Interpretation of the dream: good success

capers and olives 10

collect olives from the ground 21
Dream description: uncontrolled reactions

bring olives to the mill 58
Meaning: instant success


olive tree 11
Translation of the dream: remarkable accomplishments

hive without honey 6
Interpretation: happiness satisfied

ring bone 10
Sense of the dream: next advantage

balance without weights 70
What does it mean: indolence harmful

button bone 39
Meaning of the dream: wins sensational

attend a dance without participating 3
Description: optimum health and long and healthy life

track without train 62
Interpretation of the dream: everything will be for the better

ox without horns 80
Translation: flee enemies

fitting bone 15
Dream description: unfavorable prospects

trousers without crease 40
Meaning: small fortune

olive complexion 48
Translation of the dream: jealousy and intrigue

Carnival without masks 45
Interpretation: melancholy and nostalgia

teaspoon bone 70
Sense of the dream: fortitude

nut bone 76
What does it mean: antagonism and hostility

thimble bone 78
Meaning of the dream: undue reliance

see without the bells swing 12
Description: importance

castrated see remove the bone 11
Interpretation of the dream: joy

remove bone 55
Translation: slight indisposition

fiasco without straw 65
Dream description: risky business to avoid

leg without foot 46
Meaning: death in the family

thunderbolt falls on us without storm 3
Translation of the dream: you will be forced to flee flee the country

see lightning fall without striking 1
Interpretation: exile or escape of the dreamer, especially if he occupies a rank or use considerable

see race course without any races 75
Sense of the dream: Gain shortages in their activities

hands without fingers 67
What does it mean: severe loss

olive oil 9
Meaning of the dream: good business and health

planting olive trees 42
Description: positive solution of a deal

prune the olive tree 84
Interpretation of the dream: surprises from relatives

olive burned 15
Translation: doubts tormenting

wild olive 57
Dream description: health improvement

blessed olive 78
Meaning: promising business

umbrella without a handle 40
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

bone 41
Interpretation: slight indisposition

gnawing the bone 46
Sense of the dream: dissatisfaction and boredom

dog with the bone 84
What does it mean: friendship poorly paid

comb bone 80
Meaning of the dream: lack of generosity

spoon bone 11
Description: postponement of projects

pot without cover 37
Interpretation of the dream: likely difficulties

bone comb 32
Translation: vanity exaggerated

jawbone of an ass 33
Dream description: good luck

maneuver musket (gun) without firing 18
Meaning: danger for reason of jealousy