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Multiplication math. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Multiplication math. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

arithmetic multiplication 72
Meaning of the dream: excellent profits

doctorate in mathematics 7
Description: dangers to be avoided

teach math 5
Interpretation of the dream: reports to be clarified

learn math 15
Translation: greed for money

studying mathematics 54
Dream description: short illness

math's book 7
Meaning: fame and fortune

degree in mathematics 9
Translation of the dream: New appointments

math's lesson 66
Interpretation: tough business

mathematics 70
Sense of the dream: lack of rationality

teacher of mathematics 24
What does it mean: you have to be more rational

do multiplication tables 52
Meaning of the dream: economic situations stalled

Math Problem 13
Description: financial worries

multiplied 25
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance of employees

beating 19
Translation: sense of injustice suffered

hiding 20
Dream description: bad omen

coefficient 71
Meaning: dangers coming

Aries 84
Translation of the dream: trip to return

batting clean 9
Interpretation: solutions difficult

give beatings 68
Sense of the dream: excesses to be avoided

Shoemaker beating 1
What does it mean: for a farmer, there will be abundant fruit and put in camps, for others, well-being and good fortune

arithmetic study 10
Meaning of the dream: You want to become a mother

arithmetic operation 81
Description: order and precision

theoretical arithmetic 4
Interpretation of the dream: unfortunate mishap sentimental

honey battering 84
Translation: incoming letters

hammer beating 42
Dream description: broadmindedness

arithmetic test 60
Meaning: satisfaction and joy

battering blows 74
Translation of the dream: prosperity

port batting 64
Interpretation: you will have strong earnings

wheat battering 16
Sense of the dream: coming issues

boat battering 35
What does it mean: money matters favorable

slump for beatings 74
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

beatings with a rod 10
Description: you will have troubles

do arithmetic operations 63
Interpretation of the dream: good luck next clue to the game

do arithmetic calculations incorrect 7
Translation: deception

mathematical calculation 17
Dream description: danger lurks

multitude of women 17
Meaning: emotional character

countless young people 39
Translation of the dream: indomitable courage

multitude of farmers 89
Interpretation: honors and achievements

multitude of animals 35
Sense of the dream: health recovery

algebra 69
What does it mean: joys family

algebra teacher 60
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation with friends

teaching algebra 35
Description: save for your old days

boxer knockout 24
Interpretation of the dream: do not give up the difficulties

arithmetic 82
Translation: protections equivocal

fraction arithmetic 11
Dream description: economically negative period

addition 2
Meaning: progress

school 3
Translation of the dream: a happy event will bring joy in family

professional school 12
Interpretation: measures to be taken

private school 24
Sense of the dream: gradual improvement

night school 19
What does it mean: emotional satisfaction

empty school 8
Meaning of the dream: injustice to be overcome

elementary School 88
Description: attitudes to be corrected

high school 79
Interpretation of the dream: supports friendly