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Mom nephew waiting. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Mom nephew waiting. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

ungrateful nephew 90
Description: movement and novelty

old nephew 8
Interpretation of the dream: rising labor

mother (mom) 52
Translation: protection and affection will come from a person close

married nephew 80
Dream description: happiness

crazy nephew 5
Meaning: tranquility of mind

disinherit a nephew 47
Translation of the dream: rivalry secret

waiting room 33
Interpretation: perplexity and uncertainty

talk with his nephew 78
Sense of the dream: reason

waiting for an answer 58
What does it mean: next hassles

lady in waiting 88
Meaning of the dream: inconsiderate attitudes

people wait 47
Description: limited economic possibilities

to wait in the hall 32
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels

wait long 89
Translation: serious thoughts and worries

mama's boy 72
Dream description: to change opinions

Grand daughter 20
Meaning: missteps

wait novelty 31
Translation of the dream: programs to change

customers wait 81
Interpretation: difficulties of adaptation

wait in the car 69
Sense of the dream: success in business

wait a woman 45
What does it mean: discrete news

wait in the vestibule 67
Meaning of the dream: success merits

wait in an airport arrival 42
Description: safety in the future

wait at a bus stop 24
Interpretation of the dream: inability to fight

wait for 63
Translation: with patience you reach your goal

wait a man 64
Dream description: Good news

wait a Friend 16
Meaning: Good news

wait a lover 37
Translation of the dream: bad intentions

wait for verdict 70
Interpretation: serious problem to be solved

wait a relative 75
Sense of the dream: mortification

wait for the rest 75
What does it mean: complex to be overcome

new mother 45
Meaning of the dream: you freed something

breast prosperous 76
Description: accentuated greed

talk to mummy 79
Interpretation of the dream: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

off-season breast 8
Translation: love nascent

breast Espying 36
Dream description: an untrustworthy friend tries to miss

Breast sea 49
Meaning: big events

sick mother 59
Translation of the dream: Good news

strict mother 69
Interpretation: useful exchange of ideas

mother arrested 26
Sense of the dream: neglect of friends

unnatural mother 72
What does it mean: negligence in work

neglecting mother 53
Meaning of the dream: obstacles to get around

hugs mother 52
Description: greed pleasures

drowned mother 52
Interpretation of the dream: not allowed to express yourself

praying mother 14
Translation: contrasts with your loved one

breastfeed mother 77
Dream description: vanquished foes

mother and sons 71
Meaning: inconstancy in love

arrival mother 65
Translation of the dream: economic problems

dead mother 47
Interpretation: increase of consideration

mother caressing 19
Sense of the dream: success of a deal

mother crying 54
What does it mean: concerns

currying mother 54
Meaning of the dream: funeral in the family

injure mother 38
Description: business disastrous

loving mother 52
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friends