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Mom lot of money. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Mom lot of money. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mother (mom) 52
Meaning of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

lot 30
Interpretation of the dream: quarrel and misunderstanding, discomfort to the judgment of others

Bench lot 50
Translation: business cheated

see a lot of fodder 36
Dream description: fortune

extraction of the lot 69
Meaning: good business

extract from the lot 7
Translation of the dream: good sense

lose the lot 13
Interpretation: happy inspirations

Lot size 62
Sense of the dream: easy conquest

talk a lot 71
What does it mean: lack of objectivity

lot of pleasure 64
Meaning of the dream: unstable equilibrium

policy of the lot 42
Description: ambitious desires

lot patched 36
Interpretation of the dream: constructive efforts

patch up a lot 36
Translation: constructive efforts

fill a lot 4
Dream description: calculation

untie a lot 60
Meaning: next joy

to study a lot 81
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

sweating a lot 32
Interpretation: firm resolutions

urn lot 78
Sense of the dream: unnecessary waiting

smoking a lot 58
What does it mean: beware of treachery

private lot 27
Meaning of the dream: betrayal by a friend who will abuse the secrets confided

to eat a lot 21
Description: incomes

box office of the lot 89
Interpretation of the dream: uncontrolled threads

cartridge case by lot 84
Translation: short illness

empty parking lot 83
Dream description: you have to be more reflective

not find the car in the parking lot 90
Meaning: problems to solve

chainsaw that makes a lot of smoke 9
Translation of the dream: breakage or an annoying change

chainsaw that makes a lot of noise 68
Interpretation: sadness and bad feelings

money 26
Sense of the dream: energy

get money 64
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

having money 80
Meaning of the dream: insincere flattery

help with money 64
Description: head shots

ask for money 71
Interpretation of the dream: tries to make a change to your life

plenty of money 20
Translation: anger

set aside money 51
Dream description: broken promises

accumulate money 18
Meaning: avarice

entrust money 44
Translation of the dream: treachery hidden

enticed with money 66
Interpretation: willingness weakened

love money 83
Sense of the dream: prudence with superiors

envelope with money 4
What does it mean: tenacity in work

piling up money 43
Meaning of the dream: You lose a lot

advance of money 49
Description: bad deal

changing money 73
Interpretation of the dream: instability in the work

money exchange 75
Translation: fixed thoughts

snatch money 7
Dream description: difficulties and concerns